The Clickfunnels Aliexpress E-Commerce And Dropshipping Funnel

Usually Dropshippers tend to use Shopify for Dropshipping or Ecommerce. But when you are starting out and have just a few products you want to test quickly, there is Clickfunnels Aliexpress combination, that you can use. It gives you some benefits, that you cant have with Shopify unless you are willing to spend a lot of money for extensions.

What is Aliexpress and Dropshipping?

Aliexpress is a Chinese platform, where you can order all kinds of physical products directly from manufacturer. That gives you the option to order fresh fabricated goods for a small price and resell them for a retail price.

Alternatively you can use them for yourself. The big disadvantage thou is, that you’ll have to wait quite a while in comparison to online shops like Amazon. The delivery times can take up to several weeks, depending from where the product will be shipped. Also depending to which location, because Aliexpress operates internationally.

Thus you can utilize a Clickfunnels Aliexpress Funnel, to dropship products to all over the world.

To claim your Free AliExpress Funnel just jump on the Free 14 Day Clickfunnels Trial and send me an email or Facebook Message.

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The Clickfunnels Aliexpress Funnel

To claim your Free AliExpress Funnel just jump on the Free 14 Day Clickfunnels Trial and send me an email or Facebook Message.

Why using Clickfunnels instead of Shopify?

Clickfunnels gives you the option to plug and play E-Commerce funnels and quickly switch products to test them. Also you’ll be given the option to one click upsells and downsell, as well as one-time-offers and product bundles.

And this is where one of the big advantages to Shopify is. By using Shopify, you won’t have upsell or downsell options per default. You’ll have to pay for further apps to give you the option to build a funnel.

Assuming you want to sell anything online, you should use a funnel to maximize your average cart value, upsell as many products as possible.

Furthermore Clickfunnels is 100% customizable, giving you the chance to optimize everything for the highest possible conversionrate. If you want to learn more about Clickfunnels vs Shopify read here.

The Clickfunnels Aliexpress Funnel

If you decided to give Clickfunnels a try, you can test a free trial for 14 days. Additionally you can download a free E-Commerce Funnel to quickly plug in Dropshipping products and test them.

Furthermore you can combine Shopify with Clickfunnels if you want to build a full shop and make the best out of it in the backend.

So concluding, Clickfunnels gives you all the options you need to succeed with just a single or very few products if you don’t have a full shop yet. Or you can quickly test products, before you implement them into your shop, as well as selling small niche products, you wouldn’t need a whole shop for.

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