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33 Top Paying Affiliate Programs – Comprehensive Bonus List

To become a top affiliate you need to promote top converting and top paying affiliate programs. In order to maximize your chances for success, you should always look out for the best affiliate programs that really sell and help you with your affiliate marketing.

What Does Top Paying Mean for Affiliate Marketing?

Top paying can mean two things in affiliate marketing. While you promote other people’s products you get a cut from the revenue. Depending on the percentage of the commission it can be worth promoting an affiliate product or not.  Usually, digital products have a higher commission from 25-40% in rare cases even more.

Physical products tend to be less paying because they cost more for the seller (shipping cost, manufacturing, stocking). Nonetheless, physical products can be very lucrative. There are a lot of bloggers or YouTubers making decent money from amazon products.

To increase your income from an amazon product you can try to go around amazon and find the source. If you can manage to find the manufacturer he’ll eventually drop ship the product for you.

That would give you the option to define your retail price and sell it for how much you like. Also giving you the opportunity to get the bigger cut of the revenue.

Digital products are more simple and straightforward. That’s why I would recommend using digital products for affiliate marketing. Also, they pay higher commission, because digital products are made once and can be just replicated unlimited times for free.

top paying affiliate programs

Thus you can expect a higher percentage of the revenue and better commissions. When promoting a digital product you should get at least 25%.

Use High Ticket Offers

High ticket offers are another great way to increase your income. It’s better to promote a $500 product with a 20% commission than a $50 product with a 40% commission. 

A perfect scenario would be a combination of those. Try to find affiliate programs that are high ticket and also pay high commissions. 

Another great strategy would be affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions, based on subscriptions, like funnel builder, email software or memberships. 

One of those top paying affiliate programs is Clickfunnels. They give you a 40% cut on all of their products and also pay lifetime recurring commissions.

Furthermore, they provide you with high-class training, from their top affiliates, that show their strategies in the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

Conclusion: Top Paying Affiliate Programs 

Finally  one last thing you should consider when looking for the best affiliate program to promote. Conversion rates!

Find products that convert, It doesn’t make any sense to have a high ticket product that pays a lot for their affiliates…but it no one wants to buy it.

So look for affiliate products that are high ticket, pay at least 25% commission and/or pay recurring every month.

You can find some of those on the list below. Just click the button below and find out about some of the best affiliates offers out there.

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