Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme

Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme? Quick Answer!

So let’s answer the question: Is Clickfunnels a pyramid scheme? First of all, let’s take a look at why people should think that and in which scenario it could possibly be. 

Why people could think that

Clickfunnels has the most amazing affiliate program on the internet. The problem is, that it attracts a lot of different people. Most of them are legit marketers, but unfortunately, there are also some “get rich quick” guys who are using this opportunity to make false claims, just to sell.

In Clickfunnels you have the possibility to build share funnels, that you can sell or give away to other people. Just recently there has been a big hype about the so-called “SAM-Funnel” that fulfills basically the terms of a pyramid scheme.

The SAM Funnel was a business in a box, teaching on how to sell this very funnel itself. Right upfront, there has been a video of a genuine dreamcar winner, who told his audience how he won that dream car through promoting Clickfunnels. 

The problem with that was, that he shared this funnel to his audience and once again they shared it with the rest of the internet. Unfortunately, they have been using the same video to advertise instead of doing their own version. 

So some marketing wanna-be’s claimed to have won a dreamcar by promoting Clickfunnels, although it wasn’t the truth. They tried to make people sign up for Clickfunnels for a business opportunity, which it is not!

Fortunately, Russell Brunson and his Clickfunnels team have reacted very soon to that approach and changed their terms for affiliates. Finally, it’s against the terms to promote Clickfunnels as a business opportunity and nonetheless unethical to make false claims, to bring someone to sign up for it. 

is clickfunnels a pyramid scheme
Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

Conclusion: Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Clickfunnels is definitely not a pyramid scheme. Although people could manage to build systems to make it possible to sell it as some sort of pyramid scheme. Although you had a real product that you could use for anything else.  

Clickfunnels is an awesome software made by awesome people. After changing the terms for affiliates Russels Brunson didn’t leave the affiliate marketers alone. He could manage to gather 15 of his super affiliates to give away their secrets and strategies to promote Clickfunnels ethically and effectively.

If you like you can take a look at the affilate bootcamp summit, where Clickfunnels top earning affiliates give away their approaches for free!

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