Special Clickfunnels Bonus For Signup – And Giveaway Ideas

There are two sides of Bonuses correlating with Clickfunnels. You could be looking as an affiliate marketer, what to offer as a Clickfunnels bonus for your subscribers. Or on the other side, you are looking for bonuses to subscribe to Clickfunnels yourself. Let’s take a look at both scenarios. 

What To Offer

If you are an affiliate for Clickfunnels you can use bonuses to incentivize potential customers. In that case, you should know who your potential customer for Clickfunnels is.

Clickfunnels is an amazing software that is useful for any kind of business like Affiliate Marketing, Small Businesses, Freelancers, Networkers, Coaching and Consulting and so on… 

1. Share Funnels

One great way to create a bonus is to give away free share funnels for a certain business. Create Funnels for your specific niche and give them away as a bonus. Also, you can make tutorials on how to use that specific funnels.

2. Tutorials and Coaching

Make Training Videos on how to use ClickFunnels. Show your subscribers how to set up the software, how to connect their autoresponders or how to integrate webinars or a custom domain and so on. Think about what questions people could have when buying Clickfunnels and try to answer them.

3. Traffic Training

People will have to know how to bring traffic to their landing pages. Teach them how to do that with free cheat sheets or video courses on Facebook, Google, SEO, Instagram or whatever traffic source you’re an expert in.

4. Personal Help

Assuming you have enough time to spare, you can offer your personal help for setting up Clickfunnels or technical issues, someone could encounter.

My Special Clickfunnels Bonus

If you are looking for a bonus to sign up for Clickfunnels yourself, you came to the right place. I have a special offer for anyone who signs up under my link you can find the bonus here or at the bottom of this article.

clickfunnels bonus
Clickfunnels Bonus Offer

Clickfunnels Discount Funnel Builder Secrets

Clickfunnels gives also a special unpromoted Bonus for those who sign up for the Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar

It’s the only way to get a direct massive Discount on the Clickfunnels Software, that no one else can provide, even if you have already subscribed.

Within a 48 hour pass, you can watch Russell Brunson’s presentation at Grant Cardone’s 10x Event. After the presentation, you’ll have access to a special discount. 

To access the presentation and bonus Click the button below.

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