Shopify vs Clickfunnels For Ecommerce and Dropshipping

Lately, the online marketing world is a lot about Ecommerce and Dropshipping, but the technical possibilities for software solutions are diverse and cause confusion. Let’s break it down to the comparison: Shopify vs Clickfunnels for E-commerce. Why? The biggest 4 solutions are the Shopify shop solution, the WordPressOpens in a new tab. plugin WooCommerce, the more complex programmer solution Magento or the funnel software Clickfunnels. WooCommerce has the danger to collapse if there is too much traffic and Magento isn’t very beginner-friendly.

Main Differences – Clickfunnels vs Shopify

Before we take a more detailed look at these two Softwares, let’s take a short outlook at what to expect.

The main differences between Clickfunnels and Shopify are:

  • Clickfunnels offers two main pricing plans, basic and platinum, both are more expensive than Shopify’s three plans
  • Shopify provides a mobile app for Android and iPhone to make quick changes
  • Clickfunnels offers several extra features like ready-to-use sales funnels, streaming platform and many more, whereas Shopify takes the lead in managing your inventory

So, now you got three big differences, quick and easy. Of course, there are still more details to come…

The Shopify Pros

Shopify is a complete shop solution for eCommerce and online stores. If you’re a little bit tech-savvy,  you can build a complete store in just one day. 

There are already some pre-deigned templates for your store available If you don’t like them, you can spend some money and buy a premium theme to make the store look even more professional.

Shopify vs Clickfunnels For Ecommerce and Dropshipping 1
shopify vs. clickfunnels

In general, Shopify is very beginner-friendly. If you’ve already experienced with Content Management Systems like WordPress, you can quickly adapt to Shopify. 

Even if not, it’s really manageable and there are enough free tutorials on the Internet and on Youtube to get very quickly into it, even without experience.

Since Shopify runs on its own servers it can withstand any amount of traffic, unlike Woo-Commerce. There are a couple of store owners reporting issues with WooCommerce with increasing traffic. 

Also, the integrations on Shopify are great, you can easily sell on Amazon, Ebay and social media market places.

Let’s get to the negative things with Shopify

Especially in comparison to Clickfunnels, there are some negative things. The storefront or the look of your shop depends on the themes included in Shopify, but they’re NOT fully changeable.

If you want to customize your shop in a way the theme doesn’t provide, you’ll need programming skills. Alternatively, there are apps for Shopify that allow you to do that, but they can cause bugs and you won’t end up with the result you originally intended to achieve. 

clickfunnels vs. shopify

You can also ask someone at FiverrOpens in a new tab. to create a design, but most of the time those guys are also dependent on using already existing store themes, so they probably won’t be perfect. Although a freelancer on Fiverr is always a great idea to save a lot of time.

This is also the biggest disadvantage in the duel of Shopify vs Clickfunnels. Ecommerce is a numbers game, where you have to keep an eye on your expenses, income and above all, the conversion rate…which depends much on your design.

Higher Conversion Rates with ClickFunnel in Ecommerce

With a higher conversion rate, comes higher revenue, with the same amount of money for advertising and marketing. This means you should optimize your online shop for conversions, right? However, this isn’t possible with Shopify due to the rigid themes. 

clickfunnels logo

If you manage to increase your conversion rate from 1% to 3% or maybe even 4%,  it means you multiply your income. However, this is only possible if you can split test your store and your offers. One big score point for the funnel builder in the Shopify vs ClickFunenls comparison.

Shopify is cheaper for beginners than Clickfunnels but doesn’t have the functionality by far. If you’re selling on the internet, you’ll soon find out that upsells and product bundles are the key to higher average values in your buyer’s shopping carts

However, Shopify requires additional apps for this feature. Apps are also needed for other features, which usually can take around 5-10 installations. The good apps, however, cost extra and so you end up with a similar price like Clickfunnels. 

100% Control with ClickFunnels

clickfunnels vs shopify

The absolute greatest strengths of Clickfunnels for eCommerce are 100% control over the design and look of your shop, as well as the construction of complete sales funnels with upsells, downsells, product bundles and one time offers.

First of all, Clickfunnels also run on their own servers, so the software and therefore your store can withstand any amount of traffic. 

The software is very intuitive and user-friendly. 

You can use a drag & drop editor to put all together with the way you want. There are also ready-made templates that you can use for your shop. 

These are also 100% customizable and can be remodeled as you wish. Share Funnel function also allows you to import or share complete funnels from other Clickfunnels accounts with just one click. 

This way you just have to add your product and description and you’re ready to go. Furthermore, you can test individual products quickly.

Just the possibility to customize everything is worth to have a look at Clickfunnels for eCommerce: You can optimize your store for conversions. You can change different designs, layouts, headings, descriptions and everything else and split-test them against each other. 

Integrated A/B Split-testing

The A/B split test function is already included by default in the ClickFunnels software. 

You can remove all distractions during the purchase process, so the customer moves faster through the payment process and is not unnecessarily distracted by menus or related products.

Shopify vs Clickfunnels For Ecommerce and Dropshipping 2

This way you can find out which design converts best and you can double and multiply your revenue.

What also increases your average shopping cart is, that you have the option of selling more items through upsells and downsells with just one additional click from the customer.  

As far as the conversion rate is concerned, Shopify can’t compete anyhow with Clickfunnels.

Dropshipping usually results in longer shipping times for the customer. You can make that time more pleasant by sending him e.g. an ebook, digital bonus or a video about his product, which he can consume immediately. That can happen through an upsell with just one click.

Further advantages of Clickfunnels are:

You can easily integrateOpens in a new tab. payment forms and design them individually. Furthermore collect leads by building landing pages and opt-in forms, so you can build emails and contact lists, to send more offers or discount codes. 

In addition, you will be able to optimize your advertising campaigns and address your audience in a more targeted way.

All common email programs are quickly and easily integrateable into Clickfunnels. In the larger Clickfunnels package, the Clickfunnels Platinum, Follow-Up Funnels an email software is already integrated.

What’s also very attractive, you can create different pages for desktop and mobile traffic, which is especially interesting for dropshippers, who get their traffic from InstagramOpens in a new tab..

clickfunnels vs shopify

Clickfunnels is also great if you have a smaller range of products or a smaller niche. 

If you don’t have a bigger product range yet, you don’t need a complete Shopify store to present just a couple of products, just need a funnel. 

Just plug your product in a pre-designed proven funnel and you are ready to go.

Disadvantage of Clickfunnels

However, ClickFunnels also has disadvantages. Unfortunately, it is not very SEO friendly. In this case, Shopify will perform better with it’s an integrated blog. However, you can also create a website or subdomain and link it as a blog to your funnel.

Conclusion:  Shopify vs Clickfunnels for Ecommerce and Dropshipping

Clickfunnels offers you all freedoms and possibilities for your Ecommerce/ Dropshipping Store and it can be easily designed without programming knowledge or complex plugins that often cause bugs. 

The simple drag and drop editor makes it easy to find your way around. Otherwise, there are also lots of tutorials and training on Youtube. If you are unsure you can test the software for 14 days for freeOpens in a new tab. and see for yourself.

Having a full product range and knowing exactly what you want to build, I would recommend using Shopify.

If you want to test products like in Dropshipping, you can do it very fast with Clickfunnels, by just plugging your products in an be ready to start promoting.

Clickfunnels must first be optimized for sales, but then converts a lot better than Shopify. It contains the whole package and doesn’t need any further apps or plugins, except maybe an email software, if you take the basic version.

Last but not least, if you like you can use the advantages of both programs and link them with each other.

If you sign up for Clickfunnels you can get some Funnels for Ecommerce and bonuses from this site.

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