How To Use Network Marketing Sales Funnel To Grow Your Business

Most people get into multilevel marketing with the hope of becoming millionaires a few months by getting into this venture. However, a few months down the line, they discover that there is barely anything forthcoming. Studies show that most people quit network marketing within their first year of business. It they just would have known, that they can use a network marketing sales funnel to grow their business

You cannot blame these people though. They joined the business having been convinced by someone, telling them, that great opportunities lie ahead. Probably with some backing of impressive testimonials of people, who are making it big within a very short period of time, So why aren’t you seeing the resulted, you were promised?

Why people fail with network marketing

Chances are that, you are using the wrong or rather outdated network marketing methods to promote your offers. The outdated network marketing strategies are more of ‘try and error’ methods where you have to throw everything you have to see what sticks. In the process, you end up wasting a lot of time with minimal or no return.

You have to try to recruit everyone within your circle to join your network. Once you exhausted that list, you hit a dead end.

Do you know the feeling to talk to your friends and family, asking them to support you or join your thing and they just turn around annoyed, rolling their eyes, saying things like “oh no, another scam”…?

This is besides the heartbreaks and the embarrassment you have to endure due to failure and rejection, because most of these methods don’t work.


Now that were are living in the digital age, you need to digitize your network marketing strategies for you to have a shot at success.

Introducing the network marketing sales funnel

A sales funnel entails a process created by a business owner to effectively help the customer to transition from being a visitor to a buying customer. Sales funnels are an essential part of the sales process in the current digital age.

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The network marketing industry is not an exception. Consumers need to properly understand the product or service before they commit to subscribing or making a purchase.

A sales funnel is the most effective way to communicate and facilitate this.

It also means that you need to abandon the traditional ineffective ways of marketing and start working with up-to-date methods.

Here are some of the ways to use the sales funnel to grow your internet / network marketing business.

Use Sales Funnel Online Tools

Understand that finding prospects is just a fraction of what you need to achieve in your network marketing business. Effective online sales funnels tools such as ClickFunnels not only enable marketers to gain a strong consumer base, but also helps them to incorporate all aspects of marketing.

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This enables the marketer to understand the prospects better and also gives him more control of the desired results he wants to achieve.

Clickfunnels it is all about strategy. It helps business owners to create a smart sales funnel, which is quite similar to the conventional sales funnel. The only difference is that all the functions are centralized on a single website.

It has analytical capabilities to automatically recognize visitors and place them in different categories based on how they interact with your website or sales funnel. This way, the marketer is able to effectively leverage their entire business.

Thus, the network marketer saves time and energy, that could have been wasted chasing the customer, to refocus it in growing their business.

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Create Landing Pages with sales funnel tools

Landing pages are a critical element of digital-based network marketing. So far, you might have managed to attract a lot of traffic to your landing page. What’s really challenging is to convince these prospects to subscribe to your email list.

However, this can be achieved more easily by building a convincing and conversion optimized landing page.

The goal should be to optimize the landing page to effectively communicate that it solves problems that the prospects have.

Your big promise will be the only reason the audience will subscribe to your email list, purchase the desired product or do any other desired action.

Remember to ensure that you communicate a consistent message across all the other digital marketing channels.

Creating such an effective landing page can take a huge investment in terms of time and skilled personnel including programmers and content writers. However, with sales funnel tools, you can easily build effective landing pages in a matter of minutes without having any programming skills or knowledge of web design.

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Leverage on Social Media

Having an active and interactive presence on social media is one of the best ways to grow your network marketing business. You need to build professional profiles for your brand across all the major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. 

Marketers can use both organic and paid social media marketing options to find more prospects. The goal should be to do less of “manual prospecting’ and to work towards more automated prospecting. This takes us to the next method of optimizing your sales funnel.

Opt for Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is another effective way to find focused prospects on a more automated level. The beauty of paid marketing is that it allows for focused targeting where you get to promote your offers to parties who are likely to be interested. The goal is to create a suitable offer targeting the right audience.

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Generating prospects using the network marketing sales funnel

The sole purpose of a sales funnel is to have people come to you. Once you have identified the target market, the sales funnels tools can help network marketers to get these prospects interested in what they have to offer on a more automated level. This can be as simple as creating a video demo.

If you have the right setup you can just lean back and let people come to you. If you like to know more about building network marketing sales funnels I strongly recommend Russell Brunson’s Book “Network Marketing Secrets”.  Not even that it’s the best network marketing book out there, you’ll get it for free.

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Converting Prospects

The end goal of the sales funnel is to grow your Network Marketing Business

Now that you have created a sizeable list of contacts thanks to the sales funnel tools, it is now time to accomplish the end goal of the sales funnel, i.e. to convert the prospects. This can be accomplished by nurturing the relationship and offering reassurance.

To increase the chances of converting the prospects who are sitting on the fence, work on answering their questions and offering any other additional information.

Improve, and change your strategy with the time

One common factor in the above methods is that they are based on digital marketing strategies. As time passes, the market changes. Thus, network marketers need to keep on adjusting their strategies to ensure they remain relevant. One thing that will effectively keep them in business is the sales funnel tools. Get on your free 14 day clickfunnels trial and grab your free network marketing sales funnel. Just fill out the questionnaire and you’ll be given your free funnel.

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