Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate

Legendary Marketer Vs Wealthy Affiliate: What Is Better For You?

Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy affiliate, the ultimate comparison.

Trying to find out which is the best affiliate marketing platform so that you can make money online from home?

Well, this is not an easy question to answer but we will compare two of the best and most famous affiliate marketing platforms so that you have a pretty clear picture.

They both offer training, courses, and guides not only for those who are starting out but also for advanced online marketers who want to scale their online businesses.

But, in case some of you, are new, I will give a short definition of what affiliate marketing really is.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products or services for a commission.

However, this process can be done in many different ways and these platforms teach you how to do it properly.

You may need to create a website, marketing funnels, you may need to use email marketing, learn copywriting skills, you may also need ready for you funnels or files and scripts to use to make your life easier and much more.

Therefore, these platforms try to provide all this knowledge they have to help new but also advanced affiliate marketers to achieve their goals.

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative way to make money online and many people have made fortunes through it, so more and more people want to learn about it.

That’s enough for the intro, let’s move straight to the reason you came here.

We will make a short review of each platoform so that you learn the basics and then we will make their comparison.

Let’s start with the Legendary marketer review 2020.

What Is Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is a marketing platform that teaches people how to start and grow their online business.

Legendary Marketer system has many products and Blueprints you can get and you can even go to live events with them.

Legendary Marketer’s founder is the famous internet marketer David Sharpe who is a self-made millionaire at a very young age. Dave has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur etc.

The most unique option you have with Legendary Marketer is that if you are a member, which is really easy to do, you are assigned a training coach and you will also have some calls with him.

This is amazing because even if the training is very good, sometimes especially if you are a beginner you may want to ask something.

Legendary Marketer’s features

The philosophy of Legendary Marketer is similar to Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is a very successful funnel building company founded by the legendary Russel Brunson who took this company from 0 to 200M worth in 3 years.

How you can join Legendary Marketer?

You can join Legendary Marketer by becoming a member and you become a member by purchasing their 15-day business builder challenge which costs 7$, one time fee.

As you can easily understand, this is an excellent opportunity for everyone who wants to start his own business because there is no risk of losing money.

However, I will tell you 1 tip that you can join Legendary Marketer 15-day challenge with 1-2$.

What products Legendary Marketer 3.0 Offers?

Why should you join Legendary Marketer?

The basic training they have is absolutely amazing and there is no excuse for someone who wants to make money online not to check it out.

This is a 15-day business builder challenge which is 15-day training which gives you a pretty good idea of affiliate marketing and how to start and do it.

This costs 7$ for one time. ( 1 less Starbucks Coffee)

The insiders guide to affiliate marketing

They also have an affiliate marketing ebook which is called The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing eBook. This is an amazing ebook by David Sharpe which teaches you much stuff especially for 1,99$ which is its pricing.

However, there is my tip here. Don’t buy their business challenge with 7$ but get their ebook with 1,99$ (don’t panic it will only take you 1 and a half hour to read it) and they will give access to their 15-day challenge as a gift. Cool?

They will also give you free Ready To Use stuff such as ads, videos, email templates and scripts.

Third low ticket offer. The brand new. This is the Copywriter’s Playbook. Along with this training which costs 1$ you also take access to the 15-day challenge and also some of Dave Sharpe’s bonuses such as letter, email, webinar templates, Dave’s private Copywrite cliffnotes, and more.

This is the 3rd way to join Legendary Marketer with just 1$. I won’t tell you anything more about that because it’s very self-explanatory.

Those low ticket offers are too good to deny.

Let’s go on.

Their next product is called Marketer’s Club which is similar to Wealthy Affiliate paid membership. It costs $30 month and with this product you get access to training which includes interviews of really successful 6-7 figure marketers and training videos on multiple online marketing topics.

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Lead Generation and tracking, Youtube Advertising and much more.

Also, every week there is a live webinar around a specific topic. and you can grab the replay from a Legendary Marketer’s coach. This is a very high quality webinar and a really valuable option that Marketers Club gives you.

The next products are high ticket products which are for those who want not only to learn how to start their own business but also want to grow it to millions of dollars.

They provide 4 Blueprints each one of these costs 2,500$. These Blueprints are about:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Events and Masterminds
  • Coaching & Consulting

They are very detailed and specific so that you are absolutely prepared for everything. However, they cost a lot. But, there is a catch.

During, your 15-day challenge they will make a discount around day 5 providing you all these Blueprints and some bonuses for just 2,500$.

This is the right time to invest if you want to, so that you can save 7,500$.

The final products, Legendary Marketer has are their Live Events.

They have 4 different Live Events they provide which are:

  1. Done For You Brand Builder
  2. The Legendary Marketer Mastermind
  3. The Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind
  4. The Legendary Leadership Group
david sharpe on stage in front of big audience

They cost very much but as you can understand, live events are for people who are already established and make money online and want to scale. They will do this as an investment. This is not for beginners.

That’s it with Legendary Marketer’s products. I hope you took a good idea of what they provide.

The one thing that you should focus on, in your marketing career is marketing. Marketing will pay your bills.

This program teaches marketing. Everything around it, is marketing. That’s what I like about this program and that’s how it helped me to achieve what I have achieved by now.

Here is some Legendary Marketer proof.

Let’s move on to some more stuff because there are not only the products provided the factor that matters.

Legendary Marketer Support

In my own journey with Legendary Marketer, I had plenty of questions.

First of all, when I had a really technical question I was asking my coach.

They also have chat support and email support and although some times their chat says that no one is there and that they will answer me through email, most of the times they answer in chat or email pretty quickly.

To be honest, I have used plenty of marketing tools (web hosting, autoresponders, funnel creation tools and many more) and Legendary Marketer was a happy surprise to me regarding its customer support but also in general.

Legendary Marketer Pricing

legendary marketer front page

We have already talked a little bit about LM pricing.

However, let’s summarize it here.

  • 15-day business builder challenge 7$(Not recommended)
  • The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing Ebook: 2$ (recommended)
  • Copywriter’s Playbook: 1$ (recommended)
  • Marketer’s Club: 30$/month
  • The 4 Blueprints: 2,500$ each except in Day 5 if you take the discount to take all for 2,500$
  • Live Events: They have different prices depending on which one you choose from 5,000$-30,000$

So, that’s it with Legendary Marketer’s short review. I don’t want to get into many details because this post will become huge and tiring.

Let’s now go to the competitor and make a short Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate landing page

Wealthy Affiliate is regarded as an all-in-one affiliate marketing training platform that provides affiliate marketing training, website builder training and tools, keyword search tool and a large community to talk to and learn from.

They offer high quality training and step by step guides but it is really basic for the money you pay. (more on this later)

They do have success stories as basically any other platform. It is actually a good option to consider.

Their members can sign up for free but then they have to upgrade to have access to critical stuff for their business.

Wealthy Affiliate Core Products And Features

There are 2 paths you can take with Wealthy Affiliate. The Free path and the Paid path.

The free path is valuable and has some basic training on website building and blogging. However, this is truly what you can find on Youtube.

They have it organized though. I used to believe from my experience and other members experience that this was a good opportunity because they had the free option.

The free plan provides the option for you to create up to 2 websites for free which is cool isn’t it? They advertise this very much because it is actually a good thing. You pay nothing for having 2 websites that can make you money.

Plus, you have some basic training. So far so good.

The paid plan provides advanced website training, SSL certificate, site protect and site health analysis, better commissions if you are an affiliate, full access to the community, you have customer support, and full access affiliate Bootcamp training.

This is the main stuff they provide which is quite ok in my opinion but I will tell you all this from a marketer’s perspective and not from a beginner’s perspective.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate is a decent place to start if you are a complete beginner and you are bored to learn from Youtube. They do have nice training in the free plan and you can build your website there.

In their paid plan, they have some more advanced stuff and more options.

Which is the trap here, though?

You pay every single month. Tell me something. Let’s suppose you pay for Wealthy Affiliate, create your beautiful websites and decide to stay with these websites long term.

Do you know how much you will pay? Let’s make this clear.

If you stay let’s say with Wealthy Affiliate 10 years you will pay each year approximately 600$. Is this much? Of course!

If you decide to stop paying for Wealthy Affiliate membership your websites are gone. Your business is gone. Many people have made this mistake.

So, you must stay with them forever. During the first year, it seems like a legit offer to pay 49$ per month to have your websites and your training, right?

To be honest with you, after 1 year of serious training in affiliate marketing and website creation you have nothing more to learn!

So, you will pay forever 49$/month just to have your websites running. How does it sound? And for those of you, that think you can do that for free with 2 websites being an affiliate marketer for quite a long time right now, I tell you that you can’t.

They don’t give you SSL certificate either website protection and you can’t also speed up your website, they don’t provide help chat etc, in the free plan. Do you know what this means?

You can’t rank on Google! And guess what that means! You don’t rank on Google, you have no business, no make no money! Plain and simple.

I have written an article about search engine optimization and how to rank on Google and get traffic, I analyze all this ”Google ranking” stuff and much more there. Check it out here if you want.

So, is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

It is not a scam. They won’t take your money and get lost. They provide training. But you pay monthly. There is not one of payment. That’s the trap.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

I would only create an account with WA just to learn some stuff but I would never make my website there. No need to pay so much money. But, this is just my opinion if you want you are free to do it.

Also, when you sign up either free or paid, you are automatically an affiliate for them. So, have this in mind if you search for them. Many reviews on the internet will be fake. Few people make real reviews like me.

To sum up with Wealthy Affiliate. It is not a scam. It is actually legit. The problem is that the free plan doesn’t give you more than basic stuff and the paid one is a membership and not a one time fee.

If they would tell me to take this training with 200$ I may have done it. But 50$/month is too much and it is a no brainer for me not to do it.

Let’s try to compare those platforms but as you can understand they provide very different plans.

Training Programs

legendary marketer vs wealthy affiliate comparison

The training program of Wealthy affiliate is mainly around website building so they push you in the direction to make a website with them. They provide high-quality training but you have to stay there and pay membership to gain full access.

Limited training as the time goes on, you will learn less and less because you will already know most of the stuff.

Legendary Marketer is mainly around funnel building but provides also website building training. You join with 1$ with playbook or 2$ with the ebook, don’t join at 7$.

Their 15-day business builder challenge is very good. They also assign you a private coach. Be careful, the coach may be a little bit salesy. But, that’s his job, you know.

They also give you the ebook if you go with the 2$ path or the playbook with the 1$ or both if you pay 3$. Then, you will also take as a bonus email, ad, videos etc, and free bonus scripts, and templates to use in your own business.

Some people fear to make a video and to write an email themselves. This will be very helpful for those people.

Their Blueprints which I have purchased for 2,500$(don’t buy them later than day 5 for 10,000$) are extremely detailed and helpful. But, they cost.

Every valuable thing has a price. If you have no idea of marketing, don’t take these Blueprints.

They are not for you. These Blueprints teach how to grow and scale your business and it is for people who want to invest, avoid mistakes and scale faster.

I haven’t attended the Live Events yet. But, I suppose meeting those people that have made millions of dollars online is never a bad thing to do.

Probably for some of you that have already started your business and want extra help to grow your business to the next level, this is a good option but I don’t have personal experience with these events, to be honest.

david sharpe speaking in front of audience


For Wealthy Affiliate is simple. Free plan 0 dollars. Paid plan 49$/month.

For Legendary Marketer the 15-day builder challenge 1$-7$ depending how you join.

Marketer’s Club 30$/month, Blueprints 2,500$ each, Live Events 5,000$-30,000$.

They do have some other secondary products like Traffic Rolodex which is a how-to get traffic training and costs 247$.

They do have some more products but don’t mess with everything. Stay focused. You don’t need every training online to make money online. The most important thing is learn and take action, then learn and take action.

Customer Support

legendary marketer support

Wealthy Affiliate provides live help for 7 days in the free plan and live help and 24/7 chat and community support for the paid plan. So, if you have a question and you have a free plan, good luck!

Legendary Marketer provides chat support for every member(even with 1$). They do have chat support but it is not available all day. If it is not, they take your message as an email.

However, they answer very quickly both in messages and via email. Don’t expect to take 2-3 days for them to answer. Some hours are enough.

So, we can’t compare them side by side but in my opinion, LM gives better support overall without paying so much money. In the paid plan, WA has also great support though.

Final WordsMarketer vs Wealthy Affiliate

I have to admit that the comparison of these platforms is not the easiest thing to do. They both provide much different training and plans.

They both have fans all around the world.

Having tested both platforms, the one that helped me to learn more and actually made me money online was Legendary Marketer. It is not only about how much you pay.

It is all about knowledge. I didn’t want to learn only for websites and traffic. I wanted to learn also about funnels, about copywriting, about high-ticket offers and much more that WA couldn’t provide.

Also, I can’t understand why WA doesn’t have a downgrade plan. I mean you could sign up with 49$/month for training and websites for some months and then if you only want full access to your websites to pay let’s say 20$/month. This would be a better alternative.

All in all, in my opinion, what matters the most in affiliate marketing is to take action. Take whatever course you like but if you don’t take action, money won’t come.

This was it for Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate comparison.

I hope I helped you understand both the positives and the negatives of both platforms so that you can choose the one you personally like.

So, if you want to join Legendary Marketer with 1-2$ which is my recommendation taking the book the training and all the bonuses do it here.

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