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Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan: Can You Make Money?

Are you interested in affiliate marketing and you wanna learn more about Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan?

The Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan or affiliate program is actually the commission structure they provide their affiliates with. More specifically, affiliate marketers promote other people’s products(in this case Legendary Marketer) and if they make a sale they get paid.

In this article, we will discuss mainly Legendary Marketer affiliate system but we will also make a brief reference to their main course and books so that you have an idea of what you will promote and how you will make money.

Legendary Marketer has one of the most lucrative affiliate systems online and it has changed not only my life but also many other people’s lives.

Without any fluff, let’s get straight into it!

Legendary Marketer Funnels

Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan: Can You Make Money? 1

What is Legendary Marketer?

First of all, Legendary Marketer is a platform that offers online coaching and also some live events that help people start and grow an online business from scratch.

Its founder is a very well-known online entrepreneur named David Sharpe who currently makes 8 figures a year online. He is one of the top marketers right now.

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Legendary Marketer is a coaching platform but partners with Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is the most well-known company for proving a sales funnel builder.

They provide low ticket products to grab leads and then they have high ticket products on the backend. This is their way to funnel people into buying more expensive products. But, this is how marketing works.

Generally, they provide many useful courses that have helped thousands of people who failed to make money online initially.

david sharpe legendary marketer overview

What offers you can promote?

Currently, in Legendary Marketer you can promote 4 different offers:

  • 15-day business challenge(7$)
  • Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing Ebook(2$)
  • Copywriter’s Playbook Ebook(1$)
  • 15 Second Free Leads(1$)

So, we have 4 Legendary Marketer offers to promote.

The first one is their basic course. This costs 7$( Starbucks Coffee Cost) which means it’s quite affordable to everyone. This course teaches people how to start a business in 15 days. It is a basic but really useful course that helps people get started.

Their philosophy matches Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels philosophy and this is very important. Both programs use value ladders, ”hook-story-offer” explanation and sales funnels.

Each new member is assigned to a personal coach that helps him during the 15-day challenge.

The next 2 offers are 2 ebooks. The one is for affiliate marketing while the other is on learning copywriting(the art of forming a text on an ad/email etc to persuade people to read or click your page or offer). When people buy one of these or both, they get the business challenge for free!

This is insane! Isn’t it? All this value for 1$ or 2$!

The last offer is a course for Tiktok and how to get free leads using it. This also costs 1$.

All offers as you can understand are really easy to promote. They are nearly free, to be honest.

How Much Money You Can Make With Legendary Marketer?

I hear this question quite a lot, actually.

Tasos, how we can make much money if we promote a product that costs 1-2 or 7$?

If you read this superficially, yes you can’t make much money promoting these offers.

But think about it, many people including myself are making huge money using it, so there must be something else right?

And the answer is yes. That’s true.

The secret is that Legendary Marketer has lifetime cookies and high ticket backend upsells. This means that when you refer someone to Legendary Marketer even if he clears cookies or even if 10 years pass and he hasn’t bought anything other than the basic course or book and then he decides to buy a 2,500$ course you still get paid!

Do you know many affiliate programs with lifetime cookies?

I do not…

But now, let’s see some numbers and exactly how much you can make with this program.

legendary marketer compensation plan

Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan

In Legendary Marketer, you can’t and it is good that you cant sell their expensive products yourself. It would be very difficult for you to persuade people to buy a 2,500$ course or a 10,000$ live event etc.

In Legendary Marketer, you just bring the leads to their funnels(with 1 of the 4 offers I told you about) and they do all the work for you.

For example, they sell four blueprints. Each blueprint costs 2,500$ and if you are a pro affiliate(monthly subscription) you make a 1,000$ commission!

Yes, with 1 sale you can make 1,000$.

The basic products you will make money from are the blueprints and the marketer’s club. Each Blueprints costs 2,500$ and you make 1,000$.

The Legendary Marketer Marketer’s Club is their membership. It costs 30$/month and you make 18$/month if you are a pro affiliate.

You can apply to become an affiliate for Legendary Marketer either for free or paid.

When you are a basic affiliate you get commissions 5-30%(depending on the product) and when you are a pro affiliate you get paid 20-60% and also you get some pro streams of income.

So, not only you get better commission rates but also they provide you with 4 affiliate program options. You can paste your affiliate link that you have from these platforms and if a lead you bring to LM becomes a member of these programs you also get paid for that.

These programs are very well known programs such as Clickfunnels, GetResponse, Aweber, Sendlane.

Much money to be made here, right?

In Legendary Marketer there are plenty of products that you can make money from. I have the full list you can see below, but generally I told  you about the most common products people buy. Here is the complete Legendary Marketer affiliate payout.

legendary markter affiliate commission structure

How To Join Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program?

In order to join Legendary Marketer affiliate program, you have to apply for it. You make an application asking to become an affiliate.

The ”problem” is that they do not accept anyone.

They had problems with spammy affiliates in the past, so they make sure their affiliates are legit. In this application, you will be asked how you will promote Legendary Marketer, your social media accounts, your goals and more.

If you do not have an established website or Youtube channel or you are not an influencer it is likely not to be accepted.

But, I will give you some tips to increase your chances of getting accepted.

First of all, it is crucial to join Legendary Marketer(as a member) and ideally complete their 15-day challenge. By doing so, you show them that you are serious and committed about making money online.

During the 15-day business challenge, you will talk to a coach. You can tell him that you plan to buy more stuff in the future and you would like to join their affiliate system because you like their course and their services so far, etc.

Another trick is to become a pro affiliate. Pro affiliates, because they pay, tend to be accepted more easily than free affiliates.

If you are still not approved go build a website and come again with more confidence.

All in all, don’t try to apply for their affiliate program before the 15-day challenge unless you are already very established and well known. In this case, you will get approved no matter what.

But, if you are a beginner follow the tips I gave you to increase your chances. Trust me. It works! Many people thanked me for telling them about these things.

Last but not least, there is a way for you to get automatically approved no matter what. I don’t say you have to do it. I just give you the option because many of you ask for it.

During your 15 day challenge, you will be given a discount offer to take all 4 Blueprints. Each one costs 2,500$ but you will have the chance to get em all for 2,500$ if you do it fast. (As I remember they let you decide until the 15-day challenge comes to an end).

And this may sound like a lot of money for some of you but this is the way that they automatically approve people.

But, you won’t take the Blueprints just to get approved. I want you to really understand that. You will get the Blueprints because these Blueprints have endless lessons by millionaires and David Sharpe that will eventually make you a lot of money.

They teach you how to start a business step by step with ready for you funnels, emails, templates, etc.

Again, I don’t say go take this. I just say if you wanna learn marketing by a millionaire and make money but also be able to promote Legendary Marketer for sure then give it a try.

How To Promote Legendary Marketer?

After you get approved, you will be relieved and ready to start promoting Legendary Marketer.

What you have to do is simply, use your sales process to get people to Legendary Marketer which is not difficult when they pay 1-7$. Legendary Marketer does the rest.

I think it is very easy.

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However, do not forget. Even when you bring leads to Legendary Marketer you have to capture these leads yourself and grow your email list. Your email list is your ultimate asset and a traffic source you own.

So, create an opt-in page offering your free lead magnet BEFORE sending them to the sales page.

If you are using a website, again use your pop up to capture the leads and then give them the offer.

This is really key. I can’t stress it enough.

You can promote Legendary Marketer with every possible way you promote other products online.(Website, Youtube, Facebook, paid ads, etc). Just make sure you read all their affiliate instructions before doing that.

Also, you need to promote LM in the backend through email marketing. People, nowadays, need time to trust someone.

That’s why funneling them into your ecosystem works perfectly. With email marketing you try to establish honest relationships and build connections so that people trust you and buy the products you reccomend.

Q and A about Legendary Marketer

Is Legendary Marketer Legit?

Legendary Marketer is a platform that teaches online entrepreneurs how to start and grow an online business. So, yes it is legit. In fact, it is the best coaching platform for online marketing. Its founder David Sharpe is an 8 figure earner.

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Can you finish the 15-day challenge faster than 15 days?

Yes. But in order to unlock some lessons, you may have to schedule the call with your coach. But generally, yes. You can finish it from like 11 days to as many as you want. You can do it in your pace.

Legendary Marketer vs Wealthy Affiliate: Which one is better?

These are two of the best coaching platforms online. But, Wealthy affiliate requires you to be a monthly subscription forever to create a website and have access to it. This is why I stay away from them. Also, I have made a very detailed comparison between the 2 platforms that you read, here.

How long does it take to make money with Legendary Marketer?

It depends. It depends on your work ethic, your knowledge, whether or not you have joined LM courses, if you have a mentor, and so on. Generally, I suppose that if you start from zero it needs at least 6 months to make money with Youtube and around 8 months to make money blogging.

The fastest way is by utilizing Facebook organic which is not an evergreen tactic, though.

Do I have to become a pro affiliate?

You do not have to. I am crystal clear with you. But, if you don’t want to leave money on the table you can do it.

Is Legendary Marketer A Pyramid Scheme or an MLM?

No. This question comes a lot because David Sharpe previously had an MLM company called Empower Network but Legendary Marketer has nothing to do with that. It seems that David learned his lesson. Legendary Marketer has a tier 1 affiliate system as any other company online. You can read my full review on why Legendary Marketer is not a pyramid scheme here.

legendary marketer affiliate program backend look inside

Final Words

Legendary Marketer Compensation Plan and affiliate program is one of the best ways to make money online. It has high ticket products that give you huge commissions and they promote these products by themselves.

All you have to do is bring a customer with a 1-7$ offer.

It is not that hard when they provide so much value in the course and in the books for you to persuade someone to give 1-2$, right?

They have 2 plans for affiliates. The free plan and the paid plan. In the free plan you get smaller commissions compared to the paid plan and you also miss the opportunity to make money from other affiliate programs.

Their commissions rated is 5-30% for the free plan and 20-60% for the paid plan.

The most common sales they will make for you are the Blueprint package for 2,500$ or a Blueprint separately and also the Marketer’s Club.

I don’t say they won’t sell other products but these are the most common from my experience.

All in all, this platform taught me marketing and I am really thankful for it. I am really happy I have found this. This platform and 2 Clickfunnels free books really moved the needle for me and my business.

If you want to start with Legendary Marketer you can do it here by grabing, for example, their ebook for affiliate marketing by David Sharpe.

Anyway, that’s it for today’s topic.

I really hope you have learned what you were searching for. I tried my best.

Are you ready to crush it this year with online marketing and make your first dollars online? Stay focused and don’t quit. This is very important for your success! Results will come if you focus on helping people and not on money.

For example, this is a customer-centric website that helps people learn what they need to start an online business. Can it make money? It can but the main focus is providing value and help to people. Spamming affiliate links or spamming people on messenger about buying will never make you money.

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