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Is Legendary Marketer A Scam? [2 Reasons Why People Doubt It]

When it comes to Legendary Marketer some people say that it is worth it and some others believe that Legendary marketer is a scam.

Legendary Marketer is an online training platform that helps people create and grow their businesses. They provide many courses and products so that they can help marketers on different levels of knowledge to achieve their goals.

But, many people have concerns about Legendary Marketer for two reasons. The first reason is some bad reviews that there are on the internet and the second one is the founder of Legendary Marketer David Sharpe.

With that being said, is David Sharpe a scam? Is Legendary Marketer a scam?

Let’s take things one by one so that we find what is true and what is not.

Who Is Legendary Marketer David Sharpe?

david sharpe on stage in front of big audience

David Sharpe is the founder of the company Legendary Marketer. He is a really established online marketer that has made over 200 million dollars in sales. He is now a 7-8-figure online marketer who thrives in digital marketing.

His name is written in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines.

However, things hadn’t started well for Sharpe from the beginning. He left home at the age of 14 and by the age of 16, he already had a child.

Furthermore, at the age of 20, he became addicted to heroin. Everything was going wrong for Sharpe and he was trying to find a solution to get out of this tragedy. It took him 4 whole years but he found the courage and power from deep inside to clean up at the age of 24.

You need to be serious and mentally strong to get away from his personal drama. He was doing several part-time jobs however once he saw people making money online he liked the idea so much that he decided to do everything he could to do the same.

Next, David Wood and David Sharpe run a company named Empower Network. This was a multi-level marketing company (MLM). Most of these companies fail and that also happened to Emporer Network.

This was actually a training platform for blogging and making money but the MLM nature of the company sooner or later would lead it to failure.

All these things built a bad reputation for David Sharpe.

However, Dave all these years, after he managed to get away from drugs, was trying to find ways to learn and make money online. He was thirsty for success and this is why he is one of the top earners in marketing as of now.

Dave after their enormous failure with Empower Network founded Legendary Marketer and that’s the reason many people doubt his ability and they don’t trust him. However, many times, facts speak for themselves. Dave has changed and learned from his mistakes.

Legendary marketer is NOT a pyramid scheme company (MLM). Legendary Marketer is a training platform. Its affiliate system is a one-level system and pays affiliates as any other company does worldwide. Every company has an affiliate program(Amazon, eBay, etc)

david sharpe speaking in front of audience

This is how Dave managed to become an 8-figure earner and one of the most successful marketers ever.

Is Legendary marketer a scam? Is David Sharpe legit?

The answer, of course, is that David Sharpe is absolutely legit and one of the most important assets of marketing right now. It is not difficult to search or learn about this. Russel Brunson and David Sharpe have helped infinite online marketers achieve their goals.

Bad Reviews For Legendary Marketer

Lately, the number of bad reviews for Legendary Marketer is decreasing because people understand that Legendary Marketer is a legit company. However, there are still some bad reviews.

These reviews are being written because people are still skeptical for Dave but most importantly because there is a serious competitor of Legendary Marketer who is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Their affiliate marketers are trying to make sales and get commissions from WA, writing bad reviews for Legendary Marketer.

This is very unfair though. Having used both companies I have to admit that LM is by far superior because WA focuses only on blogging which is not what most people want and they only have only 1 pricing plan.

This is a membership plan that costs 50$/ month but you can also create your website there.

However, why you should pay 50$/month for your whole life to have a website since you can buy hosting for 3 years from Bluehost or any other hosting much cheaper. (like 150$ for 3 years fo Bluehost).

They will tell you yes we have affiliate training and I totally agree however their training comes to an end after 6 months or 1 year. Then, you have finished their course but you continue to pay 50$/month and not less.

This drove me crazy and I will never go to WA again. Is WA legit? Absolutely, they are not scamming. Is it for me? Absolutely, not.

So, their affiliates in order to promote WA that in my humble opinion has 5x less content than Legendary Marketers write bad reviews for LM. Someone who has tried both, however, knows the truth.

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I will also tell you what Legendary Marketer offers so that you know at least the basics and form your own opinion about it.

Legendary Marketer Products

legendary marketer affiliate program backend look inside

I will tell you most of the products and courses they offer but I won’t analyze all of them because this is not the point of this article. However, you can read my whole Legendary Marketer review here, if you want to learn more.

Legendary Marketer 15-day business challenge

This is their basic course and training. This comes along with some Legendary Marketer bonuses like free templates and email scripts ready for you to use. A unique part of this course is that you are assigned to a personal coach/advisor.

This coach will help you during your 15-day challenge and will answer your questions.

This challenge costs only 7$ but you can take it even cheaper.

Legendary Marketing has also 2 ebooks. One for copyrighting and one for affiliate marketing.

This first one is called Copyright’s Playbook and costs 1$ and the second one is called The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing and costs 1,99$.

Tip: If you buy one of the books or both, they give you as a bonus the 15-day challenge. So, you pay 1-2$ to take the book, the challenge, and the free bonuses. As you can see, you can join Legendary Marketer nearly for free.

In this training, there are all the basics to start an online business. But, they have many more products.

They also have 4 Blueprints:

  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • Digital Products Blueprint
  • Events and Masterminds Blueprint
  • Coaching & Consulting Blueprint

These Blueprints are different Blueprints that include the whole process of building your business with ready for you stuff, depending on your preferences. (other people like affiliate marketing, others not, etc)

Live Events

  • Done For You Brand Builder
  • The Legendary Marketer Mastermind
  • The Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind
  • The Legendary Leadership Group

They also provide Live Events. These live events are not for beginners. They are quite expensive but as you can understand, when you attend a live event the atmosphere is much different.

But, again I tell you these events are focused mostly on entrepreneurs who wanna scale and grow their businesses to the next level.

Legendary Marketer Marketer’s Club

This is a monthly subscription that they provide. It includes video training with David Sharpe, 1-1 coaching with experienced coaches, done for you funnels and scripts, daily calls and more.

They also have products for traffic and lead generation but generally, these are their basic products. I don’t want to overwhelm you.

Final Words: Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

Legendary Marketer is definitely not a scam. Actually, it is the company along with 2 Russel Brunson’s books that helped me grow my business and achieve my goals.

It is risk-free to join with the cost of 1-2$ so that you can have your opinion.

Many people criticize others without taking into consideration what someone has dealt with in his life.

Some people can’t accept that everyone makes mistakes and as long as he changes his mindset, attitude and provides value and knowledge to others he worths recognition.

Also, my advice is to never trust online reviews easily. Use your criteria and your knowledge to judge what is true and what is not. Most people that create reviews just wanna sell their own stuff. So, be careful.

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