Is legendary marketer a pyramid scheme

Is Legendary Marketer A Pyramid Scheme Or An MLM?

Have you ever heard of Legendary Marketer and its course that had led famous people like Nathan Lucas, Marc Manciardini, and many more to make millions of dollars online? Probably, yes. But is Legendary Marketer a pyramid scheme or an MLM from David Sharpe or it is as good as people describe it?

In this article, we will discuss how Legendary Marketer works and how a pyramid scheme works so that you have a clear idea and form your own opinion on this topic.

When I am reading an article myself, I don’t want someone to tell me this is true and this is false. I want it to be authentic and unbiased so that I form my own opinion and this is what this article will be.

There are many times that people try to scam others just to take their money. That’s why people become more and more skeptical nowadays which is totally normal.

If you are looking for ways to make money online it is very possible to find Legendary Marketer because it is very well known and most marketers have taken its courses but is it actually legit or it is a waste of money and time?

Before we dive into what Legendary Marketer does, I will make a quick reference to what a pyramid scheme really is so that I make sure every one of you understands what we are talking about. I will try to make it as simple as it gets.

legendary marketer pyramid scheme graphic

What A Pyramid Scheme Is?

A pyramid scheme is a dangerous business model in which someone(or a group of people) invites new people to join with the promise of them making money without doing anything except for bringing new people to the pyramid.

Up to a point, all this makes sense because let’s say we are 3 people and we bring 3 new members then we take the money from these new members. After that, the newest members bring new people and we all get paid with their money and it goes on.

A pyramid scheme works when its top is narrow and its bottom is wide.

For as long as more people are brought in than the existing members, a pyramid is perfectly fine.

However, if u know a little bit of maths, you understand that it is impossible to bring more people than those that already exist in the pyramid FOREVER. Someday, every pyramid scheme gets destroyed. This is when most people lose money.

In many countries, pyramid schemes are illegal.

But, why people wonder if Legendary Marketer is a pyramid scheme? Its affiliate system is only a tier 1 system. In some other companies, there are tier 2 affiliates which means that if I bring 1 person in LM and he brings 1 more I get paid for their new referral as well.

But Legendary Marketer has only tier 1 affiliates. Tier 2 affiliate systems are not MLMs or pyramid schemes but may confuse people.

Basic Characteristics of a pyramid scheme

  • No real product
  • You don’t get paid after 1 sale
  • Money back policy
  • Upfront payment with a promise to make easy money

These are the common characteristics of pyramid schemes.

The question remains though. Why do people ask if Legendary marketer is a pyramid scheme or an MLM?

Well, I also have this answer. We take it step by step so that you learn.

Let’s see who is the founder of Legendary Marketer.

David Sharpe Early Years

david sharpe drawing on board

David Sharpe is a very well known online entrepreneur and founder of Legendary Marketer. He is really established and has made over 200M dollars in sales. He is now a 7-8 figure earner.

His name is even written in Entrepreneur and Forbes Magazines.

But, things didn’t go well for Sharpe from the beginning. He left his home at the age of 14 and by the age of 16 he already had a child. He was struggling to make money and he was working many jobs to make ends meet. By the age of 20, he became addicted to heroin.

Things were clearly going in the wrong direction for Sharpe.

It took him 4 years to clean up but he fully recovered and never looked back. Then he was searching for ways to make money because he couldn’t stand his situation. He was obsessed with marketing and was searching for ways to make it happen.

Sharpe and one of his friends David Wood founded a company called Empower Network. This is, in my opinion, the reason that some people are very skeptical and suspicious about David Sharpe and Legendary Marketer.

Empower Network was a company in an unsustainable business model, it collapsed and people lost money.

They were telling people that they would buy a subdomain under their blog and they didn’t need to know anything because everything was done. They would just pay 25$/month.

And then they could promote this offer and make money with 50-100% commissions.

But, something seems strange here right?

To add to that, they didn’t have a refund policy. Which professional company does not have a refund policy?

To make things worse, one day Google found out about this company and crushed its website. As you can easily understand, most people lost money and I say most because some people made really good money and then stopped using it so they were profitable.

All in all, this company was a pyramid scheme since its service and its affiliate system were not able to support a long term business and also you didn’t own the product. Your blog was under Empower Network.

But, why I tell you all this stuff?

The reason I tell you this stuff is to understand the situation. People are skeptical about Legendary and in my opinion, this is due to the early years of Sharpe.

Let’s now see how Legendary Marketer works.

How Legendary Marketer Works? Is It Legit?

david sharpe speaking in front of audience

After the collapse of Empower Network, David Sharpe took some time to figure out what was to blame for what happened. I want to point out that he and nearly 99% of marketers did not have a degree in that, so it was sure that he would make some mistakes in his journey.

After some time, Sharpe created Legendary Marketer which is one of the most successful companies that provides online courses for online entrepreneurs.

David Sharpe has made in my opinion endless mistakes in his life as we all do. But if I respect him for one thing, that is his willingness to succeed and to make it happen. I don’t know if I was addicted to drugs and has a child at the age of 16 how my life would look like, to be honest.

Legendary Marketer is just a training platform that teaches marketing. There are many products and courses there to choose from. There are courses for affiliate marketing, for traffic generation and lead generation, and many more but I don’t want to focus on what Legendary Marketer provides in detail.

Actually, I have written a whole article for Legendary Marketer and its features that you can read here.

It has only tier 1 affiliates which means that if the guy for example you bring in LM brings a new customer you won’t get paid for the new customer. Of course, this is not good for affiliates but I am sure Sharpe wanted to make clear that Legendary Marketer is as legit as it gets because of his early years.

It is actually really amazing if you think of it. A guy like this to make over 8-10M dollars a year. I have read everything about him online before I took his courses because I was as skeptical of him as you are and even more.

Now, he has the respect of everyone and even has a partnership with Clickfunnels which is one of the most successful companies for digital marketing and sales funnels.

So, to summarize this article.

Is Legendary Marketer a pyramid scheme or an MLM?

Legendary Marketer is  NOT a pyramid scheme or an MLM. I told you the common characteristics of pyramid schemes so that you can form your own opinion.

Legendary Marketer is a coaching platform that teaches how to grow an online business and many people have made millions of dollars using it. That’s the reality.

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Final Words

David Sharpe, despite all the obstacles, has worked his way towards success. He has literally risen from his ashes and now everyone respects him. If I had known him back then I would never imagine that he would become a well-known multi-millionaire.

People doubt Legendary Marketer because of Sharpe and his past. He struggled too much to get where he is now. But, one thing I want you to focus on is his willingness to succeed. He didn’t quit his life when he was homeless and he couldn’t even shower. He didn’t quit his life when he had no money and he had a child at the age of 16.

He worked on himself and how to become a better human not necessarily a better marketer. How to become a better son. How to become a better father. How to become a husband.

Do you believe he was good at this stuff?

He was not.

He worked on this stuff and when finally could stand on his feet then he started to learn marketing.

Life is not easy. No one’s life is easy. It is all about how we deal with these struggles. It is all about not quitting. It is all about mentality.

Marketing is not easy too. Many people will tell you the opposite. I tell you the truth from the first word in this article. It is tough to make money online. But, you know what?

It is worth it. Because I don’t have a boss. I couldn’t stand looking at him shouting at me and taking all the money.

Because I have time for my family.

Because I travel.

And you can do it too if you fight for it.

That’s it for today’s article. I really hope you find my article helpful.

If you wanna check out Legendary Marketer you can do it here with a mini-course they have.

But, the most important thing is:

Are you ready to crush it this year with online marketing and do what it takes to get there?

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