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Is It Hard To Make Money Blogging in 2020?

Many times people want to know if something is difficult or easy before they even try it. They wanna know the final result. That’s why I often hear questions like is it hard to make money blogging? or can you really earn money from blogging?

In this article, we will discuss how difficult it is to make money from blogging.

Blogging is not very hard and it is actually an amazing way to make money online, however, you need to put the effort in order to start seeing results.

It will take approximately 6-9 months for your website to start growing and by that time you will start to earn your first dollars.

Blogging can be really lucrative but dedication and consistency will be needed in order to make a living with it.

My story is not necessarily unique but it can prove something that most people do not realize. You can start a blog and make money online using it even if you are completely new and even if you have other university degrees or no degrees at all.

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For example, I have a military nurse degree but very soon after I finished my studies, I realized that this was not for me. Yeah, it was giving me a steady income that you can live with but I was hating it.

Every time I went to my job, I was checking what hour is it so that I leave and go home.

I know many people that feel the same. Some of them, just accept their fate and keep doing what they are doing while others try to change as I did. One day I told myself. It is over. You have to do something else. Find anything else you can do.

But, I didn’t have any other degree.

My family was telling me to take a second degree in something I like. I was thinking really seriously about this option. I wanted an escape and this could be my escape.

So, I was working and also studying to try to succeed in going to university again but one day that I was surfing on the internet, I found a great idea.

I was searching for things like, ”How to make money online”, ”Easy ways to make money online” and something changed inside me. I stopped studying for going to university again and I was trying to learn as much as I could on how to make money via the internet.

I found many business models like Amazon FBA, Kindle Publishing, Dropshipping, Stocks, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

I tried everything but Affiliate Marketing and blogging made me grow and actually make money.

I didn’t tell you all this to brag or anything like that but to prove to you that this is for everyone that wants an escape. For everyone that wants to make money online and succeed in something he loves. Blogging does not require degrees and special skills.

In this article, we will discuss everything around blogging, how hard is it to make money with it, how much can you actually make, what it takes for you to succeed in blogging and much more, so…stay tuned!

How Much Can You Earn From Blogging?

This is a huge question. Everyone that wants to become an online entrepreneur wants to know how much he can make with blogging.

The truth is that it depends. If your websites are your main focus and source of income, then blogging can be very lucrative but if you have a blog that you rarely post anything and your main focus is Youtube or paid ads or anything else, then your blog won’t make you much money.

I hope it makes sense.

The exact amount of money your blog will be making depends on your effort and also on your niche. For example, the wealth niche( affiliate marketing, stocks, dropshipping, etc) is extremely competitive and you will need to fight against the top players in the industry to make money.

On the other hand, if you choose an easier niche like a plant niche, a fishing niche, an outdoor sports niche it would be easier for you to make money. Also, you can create multiple websites in different niches and some of them can become passive if the content is evergreen.

For example, you could have a blog for mountain climbing and make it big like 200 or more articles and then just write an article here and there for it. This gives you the time to start a new blog and a new blog.

When you reach the point that you cant handle all your websites alone, you can either hire ghostwriters and train them to write some of your articles or sell some of your websites.

A website will be an asset to you. Better than owning a house and having to pay taxes, repairs, and so on.

If you go full-time blogging especially in a niche that there is not much on Youtube, you can make really good money. I mean over 10k a month. It just needs effort. Keep this advice.

How Long Does It Take? Is It Hard To Make Money Blogging?

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Actually, I have written a whole article on this because it is yet another topic that people are very interested in.

You will start making money from your blog as soon as you start getting much traffic. With that being said, you can monetize your blog in many ways. My favorite ways are affiliate marketing, ads, and info products.

Normally, if you are putting the work each and every day from day 1 in your blog, it would take you 6-9 months to start seeing results. By the end of the year, it is safe to say that you will be making 1000$/month while in 2 years you will be making around 5-10k/month.

Keep in mind that the results are not typical. Everyone will have different results. But, having done this over and over again, I can tell you that this works and it will also work for you if you do it correctly.

It is not easy to learn keyword research, search engine optimization, and some more tricks that you need.

But, it is definitely easier than waking up at 7 o’clock to take breakfast, drive to your office, work non stop until 5 in the afternoon, while someone else is getting paid for what you did. Then your boss takes all the earnings and gives you a tiny part of it. That’s tough. Tougher than blogging. Trust me.

All in all, blogging and SEO will take some time and then you will start seeing your first results. It is like planting a seed. It needs time. Most people quit and make no money at all because they stop before the seed becomes a plant. Don’t do this mistake.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money?

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Starting a blog is not so difficult as you may think. I honestly believe the difficult part about blogging is producing the content. For sure, there are some things you need to learn to start but it is ok. You can start a blog in 1 day. It is not rocket science or anything.

The 5 steps for a successful blog.

  1. Niche Selection and Domain Registration
  2. Install the theme and do some really basic design
  3. Install the basic plugins
  4. Learn how to create content
  5. Optimize and promote your content

Niche selection is obviously important. You need to choose something that you like and want to create content for. Don’t choose a niche that you think has money but you don’t like it. You will need to create much content for it.

Domain registration is very easy. You just choose a name for your website. Be sure it is something short and niche relevant.

Installing your theme is done by the click of a button but I have also done a full guide on how to create a website you can check it out here.

The basic design will be where you want your categories, where you want your menus, about us page, privacy policy, etc. You won’t mess with an advanced design for an affiliate marketing website and specifically at this point that no one will visit your website for 3 more months.

Installing some useful plugins. These plugins help your website’s security, speed, image optimization, backup, design, etc. Don’t overdo it with plugins because they will slow down your website.

Creating an article is really easy with WordPress. You just click on ”Add New Post” and start writing. I truly believe you should choose a hosting that offers WordPress. If you don’t have WordPress installation, you will be in some trouble with your website. That’s why WordPress is being used by nearly any successful site I know.

The cheapest and most beginner’s friendly hosting is Bluehost. No need to waste much money on your website’s hosting. You can invest your money in other stuff if you like(like a fast theme, plugins, outsourcing content, guest posting, etc, don’t waste your money on expensive hosting).

The final step of a successful website is doing the optimization of your content. You will need to know this. This is actually what it is all about. Don’t skip this step. I have written guides on free keyword research and on-page SEO. You can check my SEO guide here.

And that’s really it! You will need no coding skills or anything like that to create a WordPress website. In my opinion, it is very easy to create a website in 2020. The difficult and time-consuming part is doing the keyword analysis and research, writing the articles, and optimize them.

After you have written your first 40-50 well written and well-optimized articles, you will start promoting them on social media and platforms like Quora. There are also some other techniques to promote your content and also get backlinks. But, I won’t overwhelm you with this stuff right now.

I have written content for all this stuff. Take your time. Figure things out and start learning and implementing.

Final Words: Is It Hard To Make Money Blogging?

make money with blogging, notebook on table

Blogging is an amazing way of making money online. Every successful business has a website. Websites can help building a brand but also can make you money from affiliate marketing, ads, and selling your own products.

Blogging is not hard but you will need to put some effort to learn some things. It is actually way easier than working for someone else. This hurts more. You will take your time, study a little bit and start it. You will learn the majority of things you need to know during the journey.

Don’t try to learn everything beforehand and be a perfectionist. As I told you, no one will visit your website for months.

Start creating content because ranking on Google takes time. Start with the content and leave the design for later. It won’t hurt your website if you don’t have a nice logo or a logo at all, if no one sees it, right?

Creating the actual website as I told you it is not very challenging. It can be easily done in some hours even by someone that has no idea how to do it. I have tutorials and guides for everything, go check it out.

How you will see faster results? There is no magic button or shortcuts. Otherwise, we would all push the button and become rich. In order to see results sooner, take action, and start now.

Create valuable content for people in your niche, help them identifying and solving their problems and you will become successful.

For example, if my kid wants to start fishing maybe I will search for an article like ”do kids need a license to start fishing?” or ”Is it legal for kids to fish?”. That’s the concept. Help people and provide value first and then you will definitely make money.

Also, never forget. Don’t quit. You may be one step away from success. Keep grinding until you succeed.

That’s it for today’s topic. I really hope you found some value in this article.

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