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Best Franklin Hatchett Courses Review 2020: [Pros and Cons]

If you have searched ”how to make money online” with various ways and techniques then probably you have found or seen this guy Franklin Hatchett either on his blogs or on YouTube.

He has grown a massive YouTube channel that has over 300,000 subscribers. When I first found out about him, I think it was 2016 and he had only 30,000. As you can easily understand his growth was spectacular over the past few years.

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When I was trying to figure things out, there weren’t so many resources and tutorials to help you actually learn this stuff.

By the time I found Frank, I had already managed some things but this guy really knows what he is talking about. I learned many things from his Youtube channel but also from his courses.

Franklin Hatchett courses mainly are for affiliate marketing and dropshipping. These courses help people start their online business either promoting other people’s products or by creating an eCommerce store. The courses are:

  • Savage Affiliates 2.0
  • Ecom Elites

Have in mind that I have no affiliate link, I am not an affiliate for him. This is just an honest Franklin Hatchett courses review.

Franklin Hatchett Review: Who is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is an online entrepreneur that makes money mainly through affiliate marketing and dropshipping. He also makes money with stocks and real estate.

Firstly, he started making huge amounts of money, and then he invested. He also broke the record becoming the fastest Clickfunnels affiliate that wins the dream car contest.

Franklin is from New Zealand and he is born on March 25 in 1987, so he is 33 years old as of 2020.

You can find Franklin on Youtube with the name Franklin Hatchett. He is also on Facebook and has multiple pages. His main one is Franklin Hatchett.

Franklin Hatchett Courses Review 1: Affiliate Marketing Course

His affiliate marketing course is called Savage Affiliates 2.0 and this updated version is created in April 2019.

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Savage Affiliates Pricing

This course costs 197$ for its standard plan and 297$ for its complete version. As you can understand this is a very inexpensive course compared to courses from other ‘fake gurus’.

In the beginning, I took the basic version and then I upgraded it to the complete version, so that I don’t pay all the money upfront. It is something you can do since the course is very detailed that you will need at least 1 week to complete the basic part.

Savage Affiliates Review

savage affiliates course overview

The course has, for the time being, 10 Modules and 1 Bonus module but Franklin is preparing updates and I know that because he told us that, in his Private Facebook Group.

In this course, you will learn how to find profitable affiliate products to promote, how to create a website, how to do email marketing, how to promote Clickfunnels, Clickbank products, and Amazon and how to get traffic. More specifically:

The introduction will give an idea of what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and how you can make money using it.

Modules 1-2 include the best affiliate platforms to find high ticket affiliate products but also products with recurring commissions(memberships, etc). Also, you will learn how to create a website step by step without prior experience. (how to choose a domain name, how to install WordPress, how to choose a theme, how to write a post, etc). This will be your total asset to your marketing career.

Module 3 includes Email Marketing and funnel academy. This will teach you how to set up your automated passive income machine. This is your email marketing automation. Also, you will learn how to use and how to create profitable sales funnels.

Module 4 is a full tutorial of the Clickbank platform. This module is very important especially now that Amazon has lost nearly all his affiliates because it destroyed his affiliate system decreasing commission rates up to 70%. For the time being, Amazon’s best commission rate is 3% for some specific products and less for the rest which is ridiculous.

This module also has ready for you to use funnels, teaches how to choose the right products, and also training and blueprints for free and paid traffic.

Module 5 is all about Clickfunnels training. Clickfunnels in 2020 changed their affiliate system. New affiliates and those that hadn’t made at least 100$ until October 2019 only get 20% when someone joins Clickfunnels through them and they are not given an affiliate link. They are only given a badge which is really bad as you can easily understand.

Module 6 is about Amazon Associates. It is useless now. Use Clickbank and check other Clickbank and Amazon alternatives.

Module 7 is aboutSearch Engine Optimization and it is pure gold. This module is amazing, I have learned so much from it. In this module, Franks teaches how to structure the website, teach on-page and off-page SEO, backlinks, and much more.

Module 8 is training on how to get free traffic. Except for SEO, you can also use Youtube, Forums, and Quora, and Frank explains how those platforms work and how to use them properly for faster results.

Module 9 is all about paid traffic, Facebook ads, and Google ads. Paid ads are difficult and this is a very important module however you may need a specific course for paid ads to become a master. Paid ads are tough in 2020. You have to do them right otherwise you will lose a lot of money.

Module 10 is about launch jacking. This is a technique that you can use to rank some articles or videos before the actual launch of a product. There are websites that have products that are going to be launched, you create content for them and when the products are released, people search for them and you are one of the few people that has already created articles and gets the traffic.

Module 11 is a bonus module. Frank gives you some gifts and bonuses there, mainly resources, email scripts, and funnels.

savage elites pricing table

Some modules need updates and Frank will bring them. I do not know if he will bring all the updates needed though. For example, Amazon destroyed its commission rates and generally its affiliate system. There is no point to promote Amazon’s products anymore.

Clickfunnels module also needs updates, in my opinion. People need new funnels that focus on the free books and on the One Funnel Away Challenge that are open for everyone to promote and not on the Clickfunnels trials and membership.

Also, the email marketing module is amazing but Getresponse, which is the tool Frank uses, now does not provide email automation in the basic plan(cheap plan).

So either people have to buy the pro plan which costs more or learn to only use autoresponders instead of automation. Autoresponders are a bit outdated compared to marketing automation, though.

These problems may not sound important but trust me, I have been doing this thing for years and I know that beginners will face these obstacles that I am telling you for.

In my opinion, the rest is fine. From what I know he prepares some extra ”ready to use funnel”s and email scripts for Clickbank products, etc.

Clickbank after April 26th that Amazon destroyed affiliate marketers has become the #1 alternative to Amazon. However, now.

There is much more competition for Clickbank products and people are starting to search for Clickbank alternatives because of this domino effect. This could be a potential update for the course.

What I love for Savage Affiliates

  • Extremely cheap
  • Very in-depth tutorials
  • Many Traffic Sources to choose from
  • Often Updates
  • High-quality SEO tactics

What I do not like for Savage Affiliates

  • Frank is not very active in the Facebook group
  • He does not answer to emails often

To be honest with you, this is one of the best courses out there for affiliate marketing. It is a step by step course and I have learned a ton of secrets from it.

You will learn how to bring traffic naturally, how to buy and build backlinks, how to find writers, how to make Youtube videos. The course is really in-depth and you won’t find many better courses at the price.

But, my complaint is that if you have any question it is very tough to find an answer if you don’t do it by yourself.

At this price why I ask for him to be active?

Just because he says that he provides a private Facebook group that he will be active to. If he hadn’t said that when he was promoting the course, I wouldn’t have any problem especially for this price.

But, when you say you will be active you must be active because people paid for it. Makes sense?

Let’s now move to the other Franklin Hatchett course called Ecom Elites.

Franklin Hatchett Courses Review 2: Dropshipping Course

Frank’s Drop shipping course is called Ecom Elites and costs exactly the same as Savage Affiliates. 197$ for its basic option and 297$ for its complete version.

The E com Elites course has 9 modules and each one of them has several videos.

ecom elites module 1 and 2 overview

In the beginning, Franklin teaches how to create and set up an eCommerce store with more than 3 hours of video training on the first module only. After that, Franklin shows how to source products and all the processes so that you clearly understand dropshipping and how it all works.

This is the tough part that you have to pass through. After that, there is more generic stuff but again you must give all your attention. In the next modules, he explains step by step how to do Facebook ads and how to use Instagram to bring traffic to your store and eventually sales.

ecom elites module 3 and 4 overview

Next, you will learn some automation with email marketing and chatbots. These 2 things are extremely important to understand because your email list and your chatbot subscribers create a traffic source that you actually own. You don’t own Facebook traffic either Instagram traffic.

ecom elites module 6 seo overview

Module number 8 is all about sales funnels. Franklin uses sales funnels in his dropshipping businesses and he teaches you how to do the same. A sales funnel nurtures the prospect until he trusts you and he is ready to buy. This is a very important aspect of marketing.

Franklin ,here, promotes Clickfunnels because that’s his thing and he makes money from it but actually, he also uses it himself. But there are also other Clickfunnels alternatives, however, if you think that Clickfunnels is expensive.

The next module is about Google ads. Paid advertising is a huge part of dropshipping and Frank knows that very well. He teaches Google ads and Facebook ads really well.

This is again a step by step tutorial for those of you that think this will be too difficult, don’t panic. The course is for beginners. He shares his screen so that you can just copy what you learn.

ecom elites module 7 overview

The numbers in modules are different because he changes the structure of the course all the time.

In module 9 you will learn how to get free(organic) traffic to your store. Firstly, Frank focuses on keyword research because this is one of the most important parts of Search Engine Optimization.

In the next videos, he analyses how to use these keywords and how to structure your posts compared to your competitors so that you rank high on Google.

Finally, he shows you ways to get backlinks in order to rank faster. Backlinks help to increase the website’s domain authority and they are an important Google ranking factor.

The last module is a bonus module and Frank reveals some secrets that he has never talked about before. They are some growth and sales hacks but I am not allowed to tell you more.

All Ecom Elite members will get access to his private Facebook Group and also to lifetime updates.

ecom elites pricing table

What I like for Ecom Elites

  • Simplicity
  • Pricing. Both of Frank’s courses are extremely cheap.
  • He knows what he is teaching
  • He is a master of paid ads and free traffic. There are not many guys who master both.

What I don’t like for Ecom Elites

  • He could explain some stuff more in-depth like email marketing
  • He is promoting some stuff throughout the course.
  • He is not very active in the Facebook group.

All in all, this is an incredible course if you like dropshipping. Surely, it is not perfect but it is the best for its price. I am a huge fan of Hatchett, I follow him for years and I know that the things he teaches and the way he does that, is very unique.

He tries to make things really simple so that everyone understands him. You can always check out his Youtube channel to become more familiar with him.

I tell you once again. I am here to help. I don’t sell. I have no affiliate link for Frank’s courses in this post. To prove to you that, I won’t even place a ”buy button” or anything like that in this post. If you wanna buy, go type Savage affiliates or Ecom Elites on Google and buy it.

Final Words

Franklin Hatchett is an online entrepreneur who focuses mainly on affiliate marketing and dropshipping. He has created 1 course for each business model and tries his best to provide the best possible user experience. Most people will find his courses extremely useful.

Savage affiliates 2.0 is his course for affiliate marketing and Ecom Elites is his course for dropshipping. Both courses are cheap and helpful. My only concern is that Frank is not active on his private Facebook Groups and he is not easily accessible. 

The courses are very good and cheap but if you don’t have money to start, you can check out one other opportunity which is a 15-day course that can help you very much, in my opinion, and it costs 7$. (1 less Starbucks Coffee).

All in all, this was my Franklin Hatchett courses review. I hope I helped you decide which is the best option for you. For more online marketing content, feel free to check out the rest of my website, I think you can take much free value.

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