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5 Reasons Most People Fail To Make Money Online And Build A Successful Online Business

Do you want to make money online especially with affiliate marketing but also in general?

To be honest, making money online in 2020 is actually simple but it is definitely not easy that’s why most people fail to make money online.

People think that with a ”push of a button” they will become millionaires or that other people who have already made money online are lucky or more clever or have some extraordinary skills.

Well, the only thing that every successful marketer online has is that he is not a quitter.

In my own journey, I had many struggles, many obstacles, I wasn’t a tech-savvy guy, I am not a native English speaker, I was totally lost and I didn’t know where to search for to make money online.

For many years, I was moving from business model to business model from dropshipping to E-commerce, from commerce to stocks, from stocks to real estate and so on.

In short, I was literally like every one of you. But, I had one strong advantage. I had a real WHY I do this.

spilled coffee over paper

I wanted this so bad and I was sure that I will do whatever is needed to achieve my goal of financial freedom. Most of these mistakes that I will tell you about, come from my personal experience.

And I am a strong believer that taking this information seriously and learn ing from it will definitely help you.

This is not a post that I will you the tactics to grow your online business as I do in my other articles. This article is all about mindset. It is all about what you must avoid in order to succeed and to do it faster and smoother.

Let’s get into it.

The 5 Common Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail

  • They don’t have a really strong WHY they want to be successful.
  • They listen to the naysayers.
  • They fear to fail.
  • They are comfortable why what they already have.
  • They have the wrong mindset.

So let’s explain these 5 most common mistakes people make, that lead them straight to not be able to make money online, one by one.

1) They don’t have a really strong WHY they want to be successful.

You have to have a vision. You have to have a purpose. Why you want to be successful. Why did you start?

This ”why” has to be really strong. I am not here to lie to you.

Making money online is tough. You have to have a real reason to start your own business because when obstacles come, when you are exhausted, when you feel sick or depressed, when everything fails you must not quit.

And you will manage not to quit by thinking of WHY you started. That ”why” must be really strong.

I don’t care what it is. You maybe want to be your own boss, you may hate your boss or your job, you may not have time for your family, you may have no money at all.

You may want to travel the world. If this is extremely important for you, so be it. But you have to have a goal.

What is your dream? Picture yourself there now. Let’s suppose you have done it. You have money, you have freedom. Imagine all this and what this will mean for you and your family. What would you do if you had everything?

Make this discussion with yourself and you will find out not only the strong WHY to start your own business, but also you will see your life changing because now you have a vision, now you have a goal and you must work for it every single day in order to become a reality.

2) They listen to naysayers

People who fail, have 1 common characteristic. So, search deeply for it.

They care way too much about what other people say.

What do you think my family, my friends, my fellow workers told me when I told them that I will start my own online business and I will make money online?

”Come on Tasos, be serious. These things don’t work”. ”Come on Tasos, you are dreaming”. ”Come on Tasos, don’t waste your time”. ”Come on Tasos, if you want to earn more find a second job”.

Does it sound familiar?

But, I had a goal. I was determined to succeed, to become financially free and to be able to travel the world and make the life I had dreamed of for myself and not what others had dreamed for me.

I was working and I was trying to grow my business and at the same time, I was studying English to become more convenient with the language and my accent.

And then, I had a second goal. To prove them wrong. This was my second goal. To prove them wrong. Every single day when I was feeling down or so, I was telling myself.

”You have a goal, don’t be a moron”. ”Will you let those who disrespect you to win”?

Many people even if they are not jealous and love you sincerely, are not on the same page as you. They may not have the knowledge. They may have grown in a different era. They are not striving for the same things, so they can’t understand.

I told a very close friend of mine, who had studied marketing in university, and he was searching for a job, to take action and start his own business. But he didn’t believe in himself.

He didn’t want to become an entrepreneur. He was more comfortable being an employee. I would hate the idea of being an employee, to be honest. So, we were on a very different page and I didn’t care about his opinion at all. Fair?

So, don’t listen to the naysayers. They will always have something negative to say. Focus on what you really want and go for it.

3) They fear to fail

results sign no excuses

This is a huge one.

I hear this every single day. This is very critical for your success and you must understand it.

Everyone fails. The most successful people have failed several times. The only people who don’t fail are those that do not do anything.

You know the legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan don’t you?

Do you know what those 2 legends have said?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: ”I am not worried about failing because it is part of life. You can’t go and win everything and how far can you fall? Look at this, this is the ground. That’s as far as I can fall.”

Michael Jordan: ”I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that’s why I succeed. My pain was my motivation.”

Your fear of failure will hold you back and keep you frozen. Remember, it is ok to fail as long as you stand up, learn your lesson and continue. It is not ok if you fail and quit.

If you are afraid to fail, you don’t take action towards success.

So, I hope the lesson is learned. Do not fear failure because everyone fails and it is common to fail.

But then, learn from your mistakes and grow mentally. Every failure can be one step forward to success if you know how to deal with it.

4) They are comfortable with what they already have.

Yes, you think this is not true. But, it is!

Most people, who think that their life is already good, people who don’t struggle in their life or they have a plan B, guess what, they fail!

Some people do not realize what it takes to be successful. They say it’s very good to be rich, to be financially free, to have time.

But, if you tell them what it really takes they say ”Oh, I may have to create content? Oh, I may have to stay home when everyone is partying? Oh, I may have to sleep fewer hours?”

We function better when we are not safe. If you think that if you fail, then ok you have this other thing to do, which is your plan B then you don’t give everything for plan A. It is that simple.

For example, if I have a job with an average salary, my life is good generally and I have my friends, my family, everything is good, it is much easier for me to fail and quit than someone who has no other option for success and for making money rather than his online business.

Someone that if he fails to grow his online business, he doesn’t have money to survive. Think about it and you will understand that I do have right.

This also applies generally in life. We function better when there is no plan B and we have to give it all to succeed.

For example, I won’t stay awake and work 16 hours a day or more If I know I am safe. If I know I have a plan B.

But, if growing an online business is my only option or I won’t even have money to eat and survive if I don’t do it, then I will do whatever is humanly possible to succeed because I want to survive.

I never had a plan B. I was dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur and prove everyone wrong and there was no other option. I sacrificed sleep, relationships, going out for coffee with friends and many other things. This is what it takes to become successful, in general.

Because if you do what everybody else does, you will be like everybody else. Do you want that? Financial freedom is not for everyone. It is for those who strive for it.

I know I don’t tell you sweet candy stuff, what everybody else does. I won’t ever tell you, come on, start it’s easy you will make millions of money, etc. You won’t. If you don’t understand and believe what I am telling you, you won’t. I am real and authentic with you.

So, to sum up, with this reason of failure, this happens when people are ok with what they have, when people are comfortable with what they have, when people have a plan B.

You should never have a plan B. Take your time and think about everything before you start. Think about what you want from your life and ask yourself.

Am I willing to do WHATEVER it takes in order to succeed? Am I willing to make sacrifices? If the answer is yes, ok go for it. Otherwise, continue your life and keep doing what you are doing.

I am sorry for being that honest with you, but I have to protect you from losing money and time.

5) They have the wrong mindset

why fail in affiliate marketing trap, finger in mouse trap

The final reason why people fail to make money online with affiliate marketing and generally, is that they don’t believe that they can do it.

They don’t believe that it’s possible. I know many people that want to make money online but if you ask them why you don’t start your own online business, they say I don’t believe I have the skills and so on.

I ‘ll tell you a secret. Marketing is teachable(I have many free tutorials on my website). It absolutely is. I didn’t have an idea of marketing and most successful people also didn’t.

But the mindset is not teachable. You have to want to change. If you don’t want to change, you won’t.

You only take action if you believe that you can do it. I would believe that I can do it even if no one else had ever done it. There is the first time for everything. But, there are many people that make millions online, so it can be done.

Nelson Mandela said: ‘‘It is impossible until it’s done”.

So, what’s your excuse right now?

Stop being too kind to yourself. Making money online needs discipline.

Final words – 5 Reasons Most People Fail To Make Money Online

95% of people who try to make money online fail. This is a fact. The main reasons they fail are not related to marketing and strategy.

You need to have a strong WHY you want to make money online.

You have to care less for other people’s opinions, especially those that know nothing about digital marketing.

Don’t fear to fail. Everyone fails. Find the strength to stand up and continue.

If you are too comfortable with your life don’t start. Just respect what you have. You should not have an alternative, a plan B.

Believe in yourself. If someone else has done it(also if no-one hasn’t already done it), so can you. Build military discipline and patience. You will need them, I promise.

Again, I am sorry for telling you those things, you may not like what I tell you. But, I owe to myself, to be honest, and straightforward.

I am sure that if you really understand those things, you will succeed and will see results faster.

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