How The Clickfunnels Mailchimp Integration Works

The Clickfunnels Mailchimp integration works fairly simple. Clickfunnels has a huge list of integrateable software. Usually, you will need an API key like is Mailchimp’s case.

The Clickfunnels Mailchimp Integration

Go to your Clickfunnels Account and access the Integrations panel. Hover your cursor over your profile picture to open the dropdown menu, then click on “Integrations”.

  • Click on the yellow button that says “Add New Integration”
  • Search for Mailchimp in the list and select it.
clickfunnels mailchimp
  • Retrieve your API key within your Settings in your Mailchimp account and paste it in your Clickfunnels account.
  • After pasting the key just click on “Add Integration” and you’re done.

If you are an affiliate marketer be warned!

Affiliate Marketing is 100% against Mailchimp’s terms and conditions. Assuming you want to use Mailchimp for that purpose you are in danger of losing your account.

There are several stories, even from top-notch marketers, that have experienced a shutdown from their accounts.

Thus you should use email software that is more affiliate friendly like GetResponse.

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