Clickfunnels Google Analytics Guide – Where To Paste Your Code

In this Clickfunnels Google Analytics guide, you’ll learn where to paste your text snippet in your funnel.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool, that allows you to track the traffic on your website or funnel to have a better understanding of your traffic. Analytics shows you where your traffic comes from, which devices they use and if they are new or returning users.

How to install the Code?

google code

First of all, you’ll need an Account. Go to Google Analytics and register an account or login with your regular google account if you have one. Fulfill the setup for your website or in this case funnel domain, just follow the steps it’s very simple. At the end of the process you’ll be shown your analytics code that looks like this:

Otherwise, you can access the tracking information through the settings in your Google Analytics account.

Open your Clickfunnels Account select a funnel and go to settings.

funnel settings

On the settings page you’ll find a box for the “head tracking code”. This is where you paste your google analytics code.

clickfunnels google analytics

To complete the process, scroll down and don’t forget to save this settings. 

save settings

If you are in the EU

If you are in the EU, you’re underlying the GPDR. That means you are not allowed to use the raw text snippet from your analytics code. In order to be GPDR compliant, you need to customize your tracking code. That’s necessary to anonymize your user data.

You find a Tutorial Here. If you need help, editing your code snippet, please feel free to contact me.

Furthermore, always think about mentioning, that you are using tracking tools in your privacy policy.

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