Clickfunnels Cost Per Month And Discounts

Nowadays Clickfunnels is the market leader for marketing and funnel software. There are a lot of people using ClickFunnels for all kinds of products and services. Occasionally, they made a lot of income through their funnels. However, before you build a funnel you need software for that and pretty often the price is the decisive factor. So how much does Clickfunnels cost per month? It depends on what you need and which plan you choose. 

There are basically two solutions which you can choose from, depending on what you need. First, there is Clickfunnels in the basic version and the enterprise version “Etison Suite”. Etison Suite is containing Clickfunnels but also Actionetics and Clickfunnels Platinum which contains Backpack and Follow-Up Funnels. Further, there is a very trimmed down shared funnel version and a couple of discount opportunities for the Platinum version.

The basic version of the software already replaces several tools that you would need otherwise. Not to mention that it is simple and offers many advantages which we’ll talk about in this article.  

clickfunnels cost per month

14 Days Free Trial – No Charge And Without Obligation

To begin with, you can test and try ClickFunnels 14 days for free and find out whether the software has what you are looking for. After the trial period, there are basically two options and different possibilities to get the software either very cheap or with a massive discount.

First of all, I would like to mention the two main packages. These are the standard version of Clickfunnels which costs 97$ per month. And the Full Etison Suite, consisting of Clickfunnels, Actionetics and Backpack cost 297$ per month. And the Clickfunnels Platinum Package, including “Follow-up Funnels” and Backpack. For the most part, which version you need depends on what you want to do with the software.

In the following you can see an overview of what is included:

The features

clickfunnels pricing and features table

There is an extremely slimmed-down version of Clickfunnels that only has the Share Funnel function. I.e. you only have three funnels that must be given to you. 

It’s possible to edit the funnels but you can’t add any other pages to them. Also, the amount of visitors is very limited and you’ll pass quickly through it. For this version, you must be invited through a share funnel link, because that’s the only way a funnel can be shared with you. 

Although it seems to be a cheaper solution I wouldn’t recommend it, because of it’s strict limitations.

Clickfunnels Pricing: What are the cost advantages?

In the first place, the price maybe seems kinda high. However, Clickfunnels isn’t the market leader and the most popular software among top marketers for nothing. 

Still, taking a look at what it costs to rent other software with the same functional individually, the price is relative.

As can be seen, other landing page builders like Builderall, Profitbuilder or Optimizepress also cost money. Then you need hosting and a domain as well as software for split testing with some other products.  

Furthermore, most software’s don’t have the functionality of Clickfunnels. Sometimes you will even need additional modules, plugins or apps to design pages as you would like them to be.

Apart from that, with Clickfunnels this is done with just a few clicks and you have all the mentioned features included.

In case you want to do a webinar, you have to pay for other software again. Probably you have several accounts and may need a computer guy or programmer, in addition, to help you connect everything together. 

Clickfunnels Cost Per Month And Discounts 1

Moreover, other Softwares don’t give you the opportunity to share funnels (and monetize them). Clickfunnels on the other hand easily imports other funnels into your account with just one click.

The Etison Editor

Apart from that, the editor in Clickfunnels is intuitive and user-friendly. And you can quickly find beautiful, conversion-strong templates. 

Additionally, you don’t have to link individual pages to a Funnel together, as you would have to with a mixed software solution. Everything is clearly and automatically connected and listed within a nice overview in the editor. 

The Facebook community is also a big plus, where you can always find support especially without having to pay for an expensive consultant. 

Whenever you have a question, regarding Clickfunnels or marketing, you can always ask in the community. In any case, you will get answers from different experts quickly, already using the software and succeeding with it. 

The Clickfunnels support-team is excellent and always answers very quickly. 

Last but not least, Clickfunnels has an affiliate program where you get 40$ recurring commission per recommended subscriber. 

So once you recommend Clickfunnels to three subscribers you’re already breakeven with your costs per month.

And which version do you need?

Basically the standard version is sufficient for the most. At this instant, the only other software you’ll need is e-mail software. Most email software like AWeber, Mailchimp, Active Campaign or GetResponse and so on can be integrated into the Clickfunnels very quickly. 

All things considered, I would recommend this solution at first if you don’t want to spend the money on the Platinum Version.

The Etison Suite Enterprise Package is particularly suitable for those, who already have their own products and services. Especially for those who are looking for affiliates to sell them. Or have companies with some traffic. 

Actionetics E-Mail System

Considering the enterprise package can be also suitable for people with many contacts and large email lists. Usually, email programs calculate their prices according to the number of contacts.

Whoever takes the big package also has the Actionetics module.

Clickfunnels updated their Plans and the former Etison Suite is now called Clickfunnels Platinum.

For example, they can tag their visitors based on interactions with their content on websites and funnels and send individualized e-mails to them.  

To clarify, if someone signs up for a webinar and doesn’t show up, or leaves the webinar earlier, you can send them different emails. Through this email, you can be inviting them to attend the webinar, to finish it, or to offer them an alternative. 

As you can see, the possibilities are endless… Furthermore, Actionetics can send out everything the usual e-mail programs are able to.

For instant autoresponder sequences or broadcast e-mails at any time you want. Besides, it is also possible to send automatically triggered e-mails based on social media activities and behavior.

The Backpack Affiliate Management System

Those who have their own product and are looking for affiliates to spread their product will need the full Platinum Version. Therefore, you are independent of payment providers and platforms like JVZOO or Clickbank and save the fees for payments

In addition, you can design your own affiliate program completely individually. Or organize competitions among your affiliates.

Coupled with Backpack you also have the possibility to assign individual partner links. So your affiliates are able to promote the products and services of your company. 

Now you know who sells the most for you. Next, you can decide for yourself how much commissions will be automatically paid to the affiliates.

What’s more, you can take pictures, text swipes and other advertising material for your affiliates and make it available for them in your affiliate center.

Clickfunnels Discount in the Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar

If you decide to use the software to its full extent you should consider The Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar. 

In the event that you choose this package, you will get a massive discount on the whole Platinum Version for 6 or 12 months. The Funnel builder secrets package costs $1997 once for a full 6 months of the Clickfunnels Platinum Enterprise package.  It also contains a ton of bonuses and massive training from the Clickfunnels people themselves. 

Of course, you can also choose to go for the best value package of $2997 for 12 months. You save $567, which you would spend more with the monthly subscription. Not only do you have fewer costs for the software. Beyond you will also get first-class training and many more bonuses that come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So basically you’ll get a 30-day trial.

To summarize, I am giving you an overview. In case you would like to know what’s inside the modules you can watch the Free Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar.


Clickfunnels Cost Per Month And Discounts 2
clickfunnels discount
clickfunnels discount

Conclusion: How much dies Clickfunnels cost per month and is it worth it? 

To put it briefly: Yes, absolutely! As mentioned above, the pages and funnels are always automatically mobile responsive. In any event, everyone, with every need will find a solution for each of his intentions within this software.  

In fact, you can implement e-commerce and online shops. And at the same time sell digital information products as well as doing affiliate marketing. You will only need one software for everything you do. All in all, a quick and easy plug-and-play solution that you don’t need great technical knowledge for.

 In the end, you can’t do anything wrong, try Clickfunnels now for 14 days for free and without obligation.

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