Clickfunnels Affiliate Car – The Dreamcar Challenge

You probably already know at least something about Clickfunnels and their affiliate program. So now you’re asking yourself what is the Clickfunnels Affiliate Car? How does this “Dreamcar Challenge” work?

Like, do they really buy me a car?

Here’s the answer!

Clickfunnels Affiliate Car – The Dreamcar Challenge

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is definitely one of the best, if not the best affiliate program out there.

Looking at the lifetime recurring commissions of 40% or sometimes even 100% it’s hard to believe that something so great can be true. However, it is true and this is not everything.

clickfunnels affiliate car

I’m pretty sure all of you would agree with if I say that these high commissions in relation to the comprehensive offers of Clickfunnels are ideal conditions for an affiliate program. Wouldn’t you?

Anyways, the vast commissions are just the beginning. Clickfunnels has a lot more to offer for its affiliates. There are massive bonuses only waiting for you as an affiliate!

One of these extraordinarily awesome bonuses is the Clickfunnels Dreamcar Challenge. But what is it and how do I apply for it?

What is it?

Apart from the 40-100% commissions, you’ll get on the products you promote as an affiliate Clickfunnels will pay for your dream car.

They do what?!

You hear it right. Clickfunnels will get the car of your dreams for you. For FREE!

So how do I apply to the challenge?

The process is very easy. No matter if you’re just getting started as a Clickfunnels affiliate or you’re already in the business.

Step One

Register as an affiliate and get a 100 people to subscribe for Clickfunnels under your affiliate link. Then you will receive an email. This email will tell you that you have qualified for the installments of your dream car.

Step Two

For the time you can manage to keep the 100 subscribers (or more) under your affiliation, Clickfunnels will pay the monthly leasing rate up to $500 for your dream car!

Step Three

Want more? Clickfunnels gives you the chance to qualify for an even higher payout! While you’re constantly enlisting new subscribers for Clickfunnels under your affiliate link, your list of subscribers will grow. 

Once you reach 200 subscribers under your affiliation, Clickfunnels will increase the leasing rate to $1000 for your dream car! 

Of course, they will pay for it as long as you manage to keep those 200 subscribers. 

Sound awesome? It truly is!

Clickfunnels Affiliate Car – Need more help?

As mentioned above the Clickfunnels team and Russell Brunson take care of their affiliates in a special way. 
To help you get your dream car they provide you with so-called sticky cookies.

After one of your potential subscribers visits a Clickfunnels website this cookie will stick with his browser. The cookie will make sure that you will get the commission for this potential buyer, as soon as he decides to purchase. 

Even if he subscribes months later for any Clickfunnels product you will get the commission. Thanks to the sticky cookie!

Right now there are about 102 affiliates who already achieved their dreamcar goal.

Ready to be the next?

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