Clickfunnels Actionetics md Pricing – Worth it?

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Clickfunnels has launched a major upgrade version on Actionetics last year: It’s called Actionetics MD which means multi-dimensional. Now you’re trying to find out about the Clickfunnels Actionetics MD pricing and the key updates that come with it? I’m going to help you out!

UPDATE: Actionetics and Actionetics MD are being sunsetted. 

In September the new Clickfunnels Platinum Edition replaced the Etison Suite Plan. 

With this big change came the announcement from Russell Brunson himself, that he and his team tried to be more than ‘just’ category king with sales funnels but improving their automation tool. 

However, he admitted that with Actionetics, they somehow lost the focus on improving their main powers like the important sales funnel. 

With Clickfunnels Platinum this is going to change and since Clickfunnels integrates with many awesome email automation tools, the sunsetting of Actionetics and Actionetics MD will be manageable.

For Clickfunnels members already using Actionetics or Actionetics MD it will still be available, though there won’t be any major updates for the two automation tools.

Still, there is no need to be disappointed about this. In exchange for Actionetics, there are new super exciting features you will definitely benefit from, which are worth more than all email automation tools you’ll find on the world wide web.

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Clickfunnels Actionetics md Pricing

Don’t know anything about the Clickfunnels software yet? Click here for more information.

At first, I’m going to tell you about the Actionetics MD pricing. Since Actionetics MD is an upgrade on the traditional Actionetics software one could assume that it comes with higher costs. 

However, as so many times before the Clickfunnels team around Russell Brunson shows that the most important thing to them is the success of the Clickfunnels users.

Simply put: There are no additional costs for upgrading Actionetics to Actionetics MD.

In this instance, you’re already using the Etison Suite plan Platinum Edition. The unlimited plan of Clickfunnels that comes with the Actionetics Funnelflix, daily virtual Hackathons, and the Backpack software. 

This unlimited plan does cost $297 per month and gives a truly unlimited ability to build funnels, pages and to send traffic to them.

In case you’re using the regular plan of Clickfunnels ($97 per month) you have to upgrade to the Etison Suite version to get the Actionetics software or the Actionetics md software. 

As mentioned above this upgrade has a pricing of $297 per month and includes Funnelflix, daily virtual Hackathons Actionetics/Actionetics md, Backpack, and the regular funnel builder software, that will then be unlimited.

You’re not using any of the Clickfunnels plans yet? This is your chance to test the full Etison Suite version Platinum Edition of Clickfunnels including Actionetics/Actionetics md Funnelflix, the daily virtual Hackathons and Backpack for free. 

You can start your 14 day trial right here and get to know the software at no charge for 14 days.

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Actionetics vs. Actionetics MD – What’s new?

Don’t know what the Actionetics software does at all? 
Actionetics is the email autoresponder software of Clickfunnels. It helps you automate your email sequences and much more. 

Want more information about the Actionetics software? Click here.

What’s new?

The Actionetics MD upgrade has some very useful new features to offer.

The action sequences are now called follow up funnels. It will now provide a lot more information from your follow up funnels which is very helpful.

clickfunnels actionetics md pricing

Once just sending emails to your follow up funnel the Actionetics MD software now has an additional feature for the Facebook messenger. It works with your emails to schedule out messages to your list.

What’s more, is that Clickfunnels added a desktop messenger to the software.

Actually, this desktop messenger is just a new channel to promote yourself. However, it’s true that different people respond to different channels so this messenger can help you connect with your prospects.

Furthermore, there’s a new funnel messenger added to the traditional features. When someone makes it into your funnel the funnel messenger will send them a message. These pop-up messages are goog to entice your potential customer to respond. 

Facebook retargeting: The Actionetics MD now allows you to directly send somebody to a Facebook retargeting list. Of course, this is possible through Facebook as well but this way you’ll have everything on just one page.

Sound awesome? There is even more!

The added text messenger is pretty much like other messenger channels but sends the messages through your list’s phone numbers.

All these features are great additions. Why do you need this? Because it takes an average of 7 to 12 touches with somebody to get them to buy a product. 

The mentioned features are creative options to get in touch and connect with your potential customers. 

And this is what it needs to increase your sales, don’t you think?

In case you’re still on the fence I would suggest you simply try it out for free. Use the 14 day trial to get to know the software and see how it will improve your business.

By signing up for your Free Clickfunnels Trial through this site you’ll get these bonuses, that will help you get started.

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