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What Is The Best Funnel Software?

We always want to have the best of everything. If we are building an online business we also want to have the best funnel software. Left with numerous options, it can be overwhelming to choose the right fit. Depending on your needs you can choose different software products. 

Every software has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s see how some of them compare to the market leader Clickfunnels.

General approach

First of all, we need to determine which business model you are using. How many funnels will you need? What’s your budget and especially, how tech-savvy are you?

Some funnel builder can be very complicated, others very simple.

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Lower Budget Solutions

Sometimes the best software can be too expensive, particularly in the beginning.

1. Profitbuilder

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If you are willing to sacrifice some time to save money you try Profitbuilder. Usability is a bit circuitous, but it’s very cheap. It’s a WordPress plugin, so you’ll need to have a hosting and WordPress installed.

I’ve been using Profitbuilder quite a while in the beginning, because it was that cheap. Nevertheless, it’s sometimes a bit glitchy and things didn’t always turn out as I wanted. 

2. WordPress

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Besides its main purpose of blogging, Wordpress can also be used to build funnels. In order to be able to design them, you’ll need additional plugins and at least some knowledge about WordPress and connecting altogether. 

This would be probably the cheapest solution, but also the one that needs the most skill and time.

You can also read how WordPress stacks up against Clickfunnels in this article.

3. Builderall

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The best combination of functionality and price. Builderall is an amazing allrounder that has everything you need to build funnels, landing pages, send emails and even build apps. 

This would be my No.1 recommendation if you can spend at least some money but want to have it all.

To learn more about Builderall, read the full review in this article

Higher Functionality

4. Infusionsoft

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Being on the market for a couple of years you should assume that Infusionsoft is a mature software. But it’s complicated to use, takes a lot of time to learn and it demands a high level of tech skills. 

On top of everything, it’s quite expensive and you’ll probably need assistance in order to get the job done. 

If you like to read the full Infusionsoft review, or how it stacks up against its main competitor.

5. Kartra


Kartra is a rather new and yet unpopular software solution for building landing pages, funnels and a lot more.

Nonetheless, it has limited ability for integrations and costs $99 in the small plan. 

Given this price range, you can use the market leader Clickfunnels as well.

6. Unbounce

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Similar to Kartra this software has great functionality and costs $99 in the basic plan if you want to pay monthly. You can get a discount and pay $79, but you’ll need to pay for the whole year upfront.

But also Unbounce’s basic plan is lacking some integrations and has limited options, which you can increase by upgrading your plan. 

Although it’s a great product it still has fewer features than Clickfunnels. If you like to read the full comparison read here.

Or get on the Unbounce 30 day free trial.

7. Instapage

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Some people will mention Instapage when talking about the best funnel software. But Instapage is primarily a page builder.

To be able to build funnels with it, you’ll need extensive integrations, that will slow you down.

8. Thrive Themes

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Thrive Themes is a very cheap tool that helps you customize your WordPress themes for just $19.

Concluding from this function, you’ll need a WordPress site and hosting. Furthermore, it has very limited functionality compared to Clickfunnels.

Depending on your need Thrivethemes can be all you need to design your pages and add some customization. 

If you are unsure if it fits your needs, you can read the full comparison with Clickfunnels in this article.

Conclusion: What is the best funnel software – How do they compare?

It’s not a surprise that Clickfunnels is often times the winner in comparisons. Depending on your needs it’s maybe not the best funnel software for you. You can read all about the software in the full Clickfunnels review.

Given a limited budget or just the wish to build one landing page, there are better solutions. Having a blog just for the purpose of collecting leads, will also have cheaper solutions.

You can also take a look at a quick comparison of some alternatives, to find out if they’re something for you.

Finally, Clickfunnels is a great all-round tool. I’ve made my experience with other tools as well, but none of them was so simple, easy and quick to setup.

Furthermore, you can test Clickfunnels 14 days for free with no risk. By signing up through this page you’ll also get some Training and free funnels to get started quickly. 

Also don’t forget to check out the Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar, to get a massive discount on the Clickfunnels software. 

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