Becoming A ClickFunnels Affiliate And Earn Commissions With Marketing Sales Funnels

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you should definitely consider becoming a Clickfunnels Affiliate. It’s a software for creating marketing sales funnels, which you also can use for affiliate marketing and promoting Clickfunnels itself. In my opinion, it’s the best program to earn affiliate commissions online and there are many reasons for that.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

earn commission with affiliate marketing, earn commision with affiliate marketing sales funnels

In Affiliate Marketing you recommend the products and services of other companies and earn money for them bringing customers. There are different models that also pay you differently. 

Some pay you for clicks on their website, others for registrations in their portals or membership areas or directly for sales of products and services. 

The main product of ClickFunnels is their funnel building software

You can also promote Russel Brunson’s’ free books, audios, training, and upgrades. 

There are a lot of products you can choose from, to earn commissions.

Why Clickfunnels has the best affiliate program

The affiliate structure of Clickfunnels is simply amazing because you get a 40% commission for every user who registers for the software through you. 

You earn affiliate commissions for every month and for every additional product your subscribers buy. And do you know what  Clickfunnels is very good at? It’s upsells, they’re real masters at it.

For the software alone, which costs 97$ per month in the basic version, you get almost $40 commission, for as long as the person you have subscribed stays in the subscription.

With the Etison Suite Clickfunnels Platinum package, which is the enterprise version, the subscriber pays $297, so you get $120…every month.

As a bonus you get the commissions for the upsells, which you can earn a few hundred dollars with as an affiliate, without even actively promoting the products anymore. 

The reason for this is quite obvious. Clickfunnels are masters at building funnels and they send everyone who signs up to Clickfunnels through their own funnels. 

So you can sit back and relax and let Russell Brunson and his team do the work for you. Your subscribers will get emails and ads and you will get the commissions.

earn commissions with marketing sales funnels

Get a higher share through upselling funnels

In the DotcomSecrets Example right under, you can see an example. You just sell the book, ClickFunnels is doing the rest.

dotcom secrets funnel
The DotCom Secrets Upsell Ladder

But there is more… if someone registers through your affiliate link, you get the e-mail address of the subscriber from a Clickfunnels tracking system, without collecting it on your own bridgepage

earn commissions with marketing sales funnels

Therefore you can also send him your own e-mails and offers with your e-mail software if you like to.

That makes the decision of whether or not becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate mandatory. You’re able to use SEO, SEA, social media, email marketing and so on…thus giving you options to earn commissions with all kinds of marketing sales funnels.

There has been a major update on the affiliate terms and conditions. Read Here

Another incredibly big advantage is the so-called “Sticky Cookie”. If someone has clicked on your link, a cookie is set within their browser. That is basically a code snippet that tracks your affiliate link.. They can buy Clickfunnels months later and you still get your 40% commission.

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Center

You don’t have to worry about creating swipes and banners, you get a lot of advertising material provided. You can use banners, Facebook ads and email swipes for any product that Clickfunnels offers. So you can not only promote the software but also books, webinars and coaching.

Becoming A ClickFunnels Affiliate And Earn Commissions With Marketing Sales Funnels 1

Business in a Box Affiliate Marketing sales funnels

If you use Clickfunnels for your marketing, which I would strongly recommend, you can also use one of the share funnels you get for free. 

There are some bridge pages (you will get one in the affiliate bootcamp) and also the so-called “Business in a Box” or the Viral Share Funnel, which means the same thing. 

The business in a Box is a completely ready-to-go system, how you can earn commissions with Clickfunnels as Affiliate. There are different versions like the one I used, created by the ClickFunnels Top Affiliate. 

Basically, there is a complete training in this Business in a Box on how to use Clickfunnels, how to build a website, how to advertise and so on.  

You advertise your business in a box so that others can use it and earn money on the internet in the same way. 

So it becomes viral and multiplies itself through your subscribers.

Alternatively, you can use countless other possibilities, such as SEO, Facebook groups, Facebook or Google Ads, Solo Ads and so on … The possibilities are unlimited.

earn commisions with marketing sales funnels

If you like to have a tailored affiliate funnel for a certain product, you can quickly modify one of the templates, that are already integrated into Clickfunnels. 

If you don’t have the time or you don’t want to, there are a lot of funnels and templates you can find on the Clickfunnels marketplace, which could fit your needs or you can hire a freelancer just for a couple of dollars, to create one for you.

Free Training in the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program comes with all freedoms to promote their products and also you’ll get free training on how to do that.

becoming a clickfunnels affiliate, clickfunnels bootcamp
100 days of training

Becoming a Clickfunnels Affiliate is simple there is the Affiliate Bootcamp you can just register. It is designed for 100 days and aims to register 100 subscribers at the end of it, to be able to retire as a super affiliate. 

As a gift on top of it, you get the leasing installments for a car

One hundred days don’t seem to be too long to retire, but you have to work on your system every day to reach this goal. With most of you, it will probably take longer, depending on how much time and effort you can and want to invest. 

The fastest on this path was Franklin Hatchett. It only took him 14 days to recruit 100 people and get a dream car sponsoring. But I have to say, that Franklin Hatchett is a great marketer. 

He has his own affiliate marketing training, which I honestly think is one of the best ever for a fair price. It’s called “Savage Affiliates”.

If you manage to recruit 200 users, Clickfunnels will even double the leasing installments for your car… Not only do you get nearly $8000 every month through the recurring affiliate commissions, but you also get $1000 sponsored for your dream car. Check out for yourself at who already got so far.

Help can also be found in Facebook Group

If you need help, you can always contact the Facebook Community or send me a personal message. Not only is there an official Facebook group for Clickfunnels, but there’s also one especially for the affiliates, the Clickfunnels Avengers Group, which now has over 60,000 members, including many of those who have already earned their dream car.

Otherwise, you can also take a look at the business in a box. For this you need Clickfunnels, but that shouldn’t be a problem, because you can test it for 14 days.

Conclusion: Becoming a Clickfunnels affiliate and earn commissions with marketing sales funnels!

There is no doubt about it. Not only is it a great software that offers all the solutions you need for any type of marketing, but you can also use it directly to make money on the Internet.
The conditions couldn’t be better. You have all the freedom and you earn 40% commission through all marketing sales funnels your subscribers travel. Also, there is no risk because there is a 14 day free trial.

Mac Dominiak

The day I found out about online marketing I was hooked. My goal is to leap free from 9-5 and achieve financial and geographical freedom. I give away all the knowledge I collected in my notebooks for free, because I would be happy if it can help you to achieve the same.

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