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App Coiner Review For 2020: Is It A Scam or Legit?

Maybe you were searching for legitimate ways to make money online, or perhaps you were looking specifically for AppCoiner reviews. In any case, chances are, you have come to learn about App Coiner as a means to make some extra cash.  Well, let me make your task easier for you with the latest updated App coiner review for 2020.

There are numerous promises online about money-making.

Most promise the moon and stars to you, but you get little more than dirt. Therefore, when you decide to invest your hard-earned money and precious time into a product, make sure that you have done your absolute best to find out more information about it.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about App Coiner, how it works, if it is legit or scam, if you can make money using, and more.

Let’s start!

app coiner overview

What is App Coiner?

App Coiner Review

App Coiner is a website that acts as a matchmaker or meeting point for app developers and app reviewers. Reviewers can write reviews for apps and get paid in return for their services.

In their own words on the website, they are “the platform that pays you to help apps get found.” It also promises that there are no limits on the number of apps you can review.

It also has an income calculator that lets you estimate your potential earnings.

It also claims that you just review apps comprehensively and you make money fast without any knowledge or prior experience. It only requires a mobile phone or laptop and internet connection to work.

In theory, App Coiner helps developers gain more popularity and reach for their new apps by paying people to review their apps.

Makes sense, right?

But, does this actually work and can you really make money using it?

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How App Coiner Works?

So, if you go by the popup banners on the home page of App Coiner, all you need to have to do is:

Step 1

Ηave a desktop, laptop, smartphone or a tablet

Step 2

Go to the App Coiner database, choose an app from the database, and test it on your device.

Step 3

Once you have done that, you need to log in to your app coiner account and write a review about your experience with the app you downloaded.

Step 4 

After you have submitted the review, you get paid in cash.

Simple right? Err…not quite.

There is actually more to it. For whatever weird reason, App Coiner’s marketing doesn’t think it is necessary to tell you about this. The thing is that after you have joined App Coiner, you are supposed to have an app review website which thankfully is included in your one-time joining price.

For the price, you get your own app review website with username and password. This gives you access to a WordPress Admin area where you can start writing your reviews once you have downloaded an app from a database and reviewed it.

Once you’re done reviewing the app, now is the time to write the actual review. Finally, once your review is published, it is not as if the app will pay you money for your review.

Here, I would like to clarify something that most other App Coiner reviews do not. You don’t get paid just for the review that you have written.

Instead of every app review that you write, you get a special link, which is also known as an affiliate link.

People who read your reviews will click on this link and download the app.

You get paid for every download. If there are no downloads, you won’t get paid.

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App Coiner Pricing

The home page of the appcoiner website does not reveal any details about its pricing, but once you share your email id and name, you are redirected to a long sales page.

Scrolling down the page to the bottom finally reveals that you need to activate your membership by paying $27.  The page promises a 60-day money-back guarantee, along with instant access to your membership area.

How much I can make with it and how I get paid?

By now, you must be wondering, “how much does app coiner pay?”.

According to App Coiner, you can expect to earn $15- $25 for one downloaded app. However, is it true?

To be honest, it is not possible to peg an exact number to how much you will be earning with the App Coiner or any other app, but one thing is for sure.  You won’t be earning thousands of dollars per month because it’s simply not that easy to make thousands of dollars per month. Otherwise, most people would not be slogging it out in jobs.

Payments are made weekly to you via check, direct deposit, or Payoneer.

Running a blog and creating 1-2 reviews a day may help you make some money online. However, ranking in Google is not an easy task for some specific money keywords like ”X product Review”.

In my opinion, you can’t make thousands a month but you could make a reasonable $100-500 if you put the work consistently and for quite some time.

What I like about App Coiner?

  • An easier route to becoming a professional reviewer

The best thing about App Coiner is that it helps you skip the long and tough route to becoming a games tester or an app tester with software companies.

As we all know, the queue for getting jobs like this is infinitely long, and getting a foot through the door can be next to impossible. If you have always wanted to test apps and write about them, App Coiner gives you the tools to do that.

  • Don’t need to be a professional writer of English

Another thing that I like about the App Coiner platform is that you don’t need to be a professional writer to write reviews here. A review that covers the main points in grammatically correct English is enough.

  • 60-day-moneyback guarantee

There are other sites that are similar to App Coiner, but they require you to pay recurring fees. Also, the 60-day-money back guarantee is something that I like because it gives me the freedom to explore the platform and find out if it is best suited to my needs or not.

What I do not like about App coiner?

  • Misleading Marketing

There are, unfortunately, quite a few things that I do not like about App Coiner. My main gripe is that the marketing is deceptive. On the home page, where you get the sales pitch on the popup banners, you’re led to believe that it is as easy as writing a review and getting paid for it. However, that is not the case.

  • Earning process not clear 

The fact about App Coiner is that you earn money not by simply writing the review, but when people read the reviews and download the apps from sites where App Coiner distributes your reviews. This is something that they are not clear about.

  • No control over traffic 

Another thing that I do not like about App Coiner is that you have no control over the traffic of people that get to view your reviews. It is something that is purely left to luck and chance as you have no say in who sees your reviews or how many people see your reviews.

  • The website doesn’t look professional

A website is like a visiting card for a business. It is online 24/7 and greets any potential visitors and helps create a first impression. However, in the case of app coiner, it raises little red flags all over.

The web design doesn’t look very professional, doesn’t have a FAQ section, doesn’t have a pricing section, and nor does it have a “About Us” section. These are all standard elements that any professional business website should have.

website examples

Is App coiner a scam?

“Is app coiner a scam,” “Is app coiner safe to use,” or “Is app coiner legit”? These are questions that will be uppermost on the minds of most people who are considering App Coiner as an additional source of income. The short answer to that is no; app coiner is not a scam.

However, at the same time, due to misleading marketing, I cannot say that it is precisely what it claims to be. It is not as easy to make money from the app as it claims, and it is more suitable for experienced marketers who might be able to make money out of it.

Also, you get paid only after someone downloads the app after reading your review. There is a question of “if” and when” they read your reviews associated with this.  This is another reason people might not feel like joining the platform because it is hard to earn money.

App Coiner Alternatives

make money with affilaite marketing from your laptop

It is obvious that you came across App Coiner as a way to make money online. I can’t tell you that this is a scam because it is not. But, in my opinion, you can’t make much and fast money as it claims.

If I were you, I would start a proper business.

My favorite business model, as most of you may know, is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products or services for a commission. Affiliate marketing can be done in a lot of ways such as blogging, Youtube channel, social media marketing, paid advertising, and more.

But, affiliate marketing has passed the test of time. Everyone knows it is legit.

  1. You don’t need your own product.
  2. You don’t need to provide customer service
  3. You don’t need much money to get started
  4. You work from anywhere on the planet

and more…

This is why this is my favorite method that I have been doing for years to make money online.

If you wanna get started with affiliate marketing feel free to read my detailed guide here.

Also, if you wanna start your own website for affiliate marketing or for App Coiner you can find my free step by step tutorial here.

Final Words

I would not recommend App Coiner as a money-making option because while it is not a scam, it comes pretty close to a scam because it gives lots of misleading information.

It does not require a lot of money to get started but it is very tough to make some serious income with this method.

It also does not tell you about how to get traffic to your reviews, which is the core of earning money online.

Ultimately whether it is an online business or offline business, there have to be customers. If your customers can’t find you, how do you hope to earn money?

There are other better ways of making money online but this definitely doesn’t mean that App Coiner is a scam. I want to make this clear.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing is one such route where you can create a website on a particular niche that you’re passionate about, drive traffic to that website, and earn money when people buy products according to your recommendations.

Are you ready to make some money online this year?

Take action, stay consistent, and don’t quit. The results will come.

That’s it for today’s topic. I hope you liked it.

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