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How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads: [Easy 3-Step Guide]

Do you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing with Facebook Ads?

Well, affiliate marketing can be done in a lot of different ways. For beginners, the recommended way is the organic(free) way because Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google ads, etc, require a lot of money and a lot of experience and testing.

The easiest way to start is through a blog, a YouTube Channel, or via Facebook organic. Yes, Facebook is not only an amazing source of paid traffic but it can also be used to bring free traffic.

Facebook groups and your Facebook profile if created correctly are amazing sources of targeted free traffic which can make you a lot of money.

But, I will write a whole different article on that because I suppose you came here to just learn for paid Facebook advertising.

Once again, before I start, I want you to understand that Facebook ads affiliate marketing is for experienced marketers who want to grow and scale their businesses.

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Adverting on Facebook is not for complete beginners and I tell you these things because I don’t want you to lose money and then think that this does not work.

Facebook ads do work, hundreds of people make millions online with ads however, this is a long painful process until you figure it out. So, be careful.

Have at the very least 500-1000$ to invest because you will need to test the waters and as the time goes on you will eventually start to understand the process you will fix your ROI.

Many people ask me, hey Tasos, I bring traffic from Facebook ads to my Clickbank products why I don’t make any money?

We may have some complete beginners here so I will start the process from the beginning and I will answer this question that everybody has, in detail, later in my analysis.

Let’s start!

Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads Phase 1

First of all, in the Facebook ads campaigns, there is a lot of stuff you never gonna use. I will you tell exactly what to use so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Before I tell you about the technical stuff it is absolutely essential to understand the process.

With affiliate marketing, we are promoting other people’s products or services for a commission. So, for Facebook ads marketing strategy, we use paid advertising to bring traffic to an offer. But, here is the catch and it is here that people go wrong.

Most people rush and they are bored to work. Don’t do this mistake because you won’t make any money.

Most people take this Facebook traffic and send it directly to the affiliate offer or because this will get your ad banned they send it to the bridge page of the product and then they hope that with the X product’s sales process someone will buy. Sounds familiar?

I know for some of you it sounds. And that’s why you don’t make any money. Be careful, all the money is here.

You have to create an opt-in page and offer something for free to grab people’s email addresses before you send the traffic to their bridge page and before you send the traffic to the offer.

This way you are collecting emails and you are building your email list which is your number #1 asset in your affiliate marketing career.

Also, if the product you promote does not provide a bridge page, a page that bridges the gap between the customer and the offer, talking about the features and the value of it before the checkout page, you also have to create a bridge page.

This page also helps you because if the page is yours, you can place an additional pixel to track leads on top of the pixel you will use on your opt-in page. But this is much more advanced.

Creating a Facebook funnel is absolutely essential, absolutely mandatory for your success. Do not get lazy. Trust me.

If you do these 2 things, the customer is more possible to buy because he now knows what the product offers and also he can buy later when you will send him emails explaining how it can help him or even giving him some bonuses and freebies.

But this is also kind of advanced. Keep it simple. Facebook ads sales funnel, opt-in page, bridge page, and then sales page checkout page.

This is the exact process that each of us uses to create a successful Facebook campaign.

Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Phase 2

facebook advertising

How To Create A Facebook Pixel?

I will take you there click by click.

  1. Click event manager or pixel(it varies from country to country)
  2. Click Pixels
  3. Then click create a pixel
  4. Then Details
  5. Setup
  6. Install Pixel
  7. Manually install pixel
  8. Copy entire pixel code(2)
  9. Download Tracking Code Manager Plugin/ or if you use Clickfunnels or other software you go to the page you wanna track, settings, tracking code.
  10. Paste the code there
  11. Install Facebook Pixel Helper(chrome extension)

This was it. Congratulations. You have successfully installed your first Facebook pixel.

Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Phase 3

Smartphone with opened Facebook app

In this third page, we will create the actual ad.

The first step before creating the ad is simple. We have to create a campaign.

The marketing objective of your campaign should be either conversion or traffic. Rarely, you will need video views and messages.

All the others are not for you, so I won’t overwhelm you. Remember, we only use conversion for leads and more data and traffic for a blog post. That’s it.

The second step is to create an Ad Set. Go to Ads Manager and then click create.

The first thing it asks is to choose the audience(the countries). I recommend you choose these 5 countries. The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

When I customize my target age I choose 18-45 but this is up to you.

Then, you choose your Detailed Targeting. This depends on what type of products you are promoting. Just choose your keywords and test them out. Narrow your audience a bit but don’t overdo it.

Then, we have Placements. Don’t let Facebook do it automatically. It just does not do a good job.

Do it manually. You can promote on Instagram messenger and audience network but I don’t mess with these and I only use Facebook.

Keep only Facebook news feed and Facebook marketplace. Facebook stories and the right column don’t do well.

Also, turn on Contextual Spaces.

You can run ads on mobile and desktop but I split test and run ads separately to see which ads perform better and in which device.

Leave everything else as it is.

Now, we go on to the budget and schedule.

Optimize your ad either for landing page views or clicks. One of those 2. Your choice, don’t mess with the other options.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook?

This is totally up to you. Start small. Test things out. The process is not easy. It may take a month or two to understand the data and the platform. Start small so that you don’t lose money. Something like 5-10$ a day it’s ok. 5$ Facebook ads are ok for beginners.

If you want to be a little more aggressive go to 20-30$ but don’t overestimate your powers. Because you will need to run multiple ads, so if you pay 50-100$ on each one and you make no money, it won’t be good for you, right?

Test your ad for at least 1 week.

Finally, we will create our ad copy. In the beginning, you will choose your image or video for your ad. Then, you have to write your text which is totally up to you and your product.

The last thing you need to do is to put your website’s URL which will be this URL that you previously put the pixel on. (either your actual website or Clickfunnels opt-in page etc)

So, that’s it with the creation of our Facebook ad copy!

Well done. This was definitely not an easy task to do. The bad thing is that there is something extra I have to tell you. There is nothing more you have to do right now. Your ad is out and running. But, I always want to make the best training so I have to say one more thing.

Many times people are getting frustrated and they say hey Facebook ads don’t work. We pay too much and we don’t make any money. First of all, you have to understand that even if you break even and you make no money but you are growing your list, the ad is successful.

Secondly, you have to be able to read the Facebook stats and data. Facebook is very good at giving us a lot of data. This data helps up understand why our ads are performing well or why our ads are performing badly.

So, when your campaign reaches 500 or more impressions in 7 days, go to your campaign and click delivery insights. There is much useful data there but I won’t overwhelm you with everything.

For example, audience saturation. Audience saturation shows how much saturated your audience is.

If you run this ad for a long period of time, chances are that all your audience has seen this ad multiple times and that’s why the ad is underperforming.

I think you understand the concept but I won’t tell you more but it’s way too advanced. But, if you run ads, make sure you check the data otherwise you will lose money and Facebook ads won’t work for you.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing with Facebook advertising is an amazing way to scale and grow your business. It allows you to reach large audiences and many customers.

However, I would not suggest this process for beginners. I have said this multiple times but I clearly do not want you to waste your money.

Firstly, you should find your product and then create an opt-in page and a bridge page before their sales page and checkout page. This way you will at least have their email address to build your email list.

For the actual process, you will read it above, I tried my best to give it to you not only step by step but click by click.

Firstly, you will create a page and then you will create and install your pixel so that you can track your prospects.

Then, you will create your campaign, your campaign settings and your ad set.

Be careful with your daily budget.

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